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Melbi Wan Kenobi

09/15/2021 5:10PM in Syd’s Summer DietBet: Tons of Prizes!
  • Sorry am I missing something with the payout? If 524 of the people won and there was a pool of $33,125, how is it we only got $47.45? That would total $24,863. Should it not be about $63? What am I missing? Lol
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Pamela hit the nail on the head. I got less than $2 on a $100 bet.


Yes. They take a big chunk. But as long as I get more and don’t lose what I put in it motivates me!

Jenn A.

09/13/2021 2:29PM in Back To Schooling Your Weight Loss Goals
Can't I use my weigh out I did today for my official weigh ins in my new games that have just started?

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Amy B.

Good to know!

Melissa B.

Yes! Should work

Jenn A.

09/09/2021 6:41PM in Back To Schooling Your Weight Loss Goals
If I signed up way before the bet started how long do I have to do my initial weigh in? I can't remember. I've been avoiding it cause my cycle and I want my weight accurate.

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Megan R.

I would just do it sooner than later

Debby F.

I would do it now

Jamie C.

09/01/2021 8:37AM in Fatgirlfedup's August Accountability
Did anyone get a notice how much you won from this game? I didn’t hear anything.

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Jenn A.

Be patient

Sue R.

Should be $12.48.

Jenn A.

08/31/2021 1:10PM in Fatgirlfedup's August Accountability
  • I was almost 4 pounds past my goal but girly things happen... at least I still beat it 1 pound past!

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Bertha F.

That’s right!!! Wahooooo


Congrats hope to see you in the next game

Jeanette S.

08/30/2021 12:31PM in Fatgirlfedup's August Accountability
I managed to write my weight in lbs, not kgs! Now I am disqualified for losing to much weight and I might not get my prize 😭

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Mo O.

You should be able to dispute it. Definitely message them.

Jeanette S.

It looks like it was resolved :grin::tada:
Jenn A. accepted the challenge.
08/26/2021 1:26PM in Fatgirlfedup's SWEATember Startup
The pot is now $60

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08/25/2021 10:08AM in Fatgirlfedup's August Accountability
I don’t know what to do. I’ve been completely gorging myself every day saying I’ll get back on the healthy eating wagon tomorrow. What have you guys done to stop this unhealthy cycle?

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Thank you guys!!

Marlisa B.

This is me for sure. I doubt I’m going to make weight for this bet.

Chelsea K.

08/23/2021 10:51AM in Syd’s Summer DietBet: Tons of Prizes!
  • Hi everyone I’m a rural mail carrier & I’m excited to say I just found out a way to eat a hot meal on my route. Cold food gets old really fast. Today for the first time I ate cabbage & sausage for lunch. Mmmm it was good, excited to try to find more healthy recipes

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Jenn A.

We love cabbage and smoked sausage! It's so delicious :grin:


08/20/2021 1:30PM in Fatgirlfedup's August Accountability
I just stepped on the scales, first thing in the morning, and some how I'm up 1.2kg?! I don't understand, I'm drinking 3 L a day, eating 1500 calories or less, I'm a barista, so I'm on my feet all day, and then I'm going for walks on my days off. How have I possibly put on 1.2kg? 😔

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Marisa M.

Sodium intake high on your foods? Probably water retention.


Intermittent fasting works for me. I eat 2 days low calorie and then increase one day. You don't want your metabolism to drop if your body is going into starvation mode. Also agree with comments above about water retention due to sodium intake.
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