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02/18/2019 5:00AM in Losing for Health’s February Fitness Focus - via iPhone
  • Good morning everyone and happy DAY ONE!!! Woop woop!! Thank you all for joining me! With the start of the game I want everyone to think about some non-scale goals they’d like to achieve during these 4 weeks! Try to make them SMART: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely. I believe it’s always a good idea to focus on MORE than the number on the scale. At the end of the day, learning and maintaining healthy habits is more important than a number on a scale. My goals (much of which are a continuation from the last couple games) are:

    -Drink 72oz or more of water a day
    -Start to meal plan/prep on the weekends again to alleviate that stress during the week and be able to cut back on eating out
    -Ease back into bouldering at least 1x a week (It’s a form of rock climbing without harnesses/ropes that’s super fun!)

    Comment one or more of your non-scale goals for this game below!

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Get back to meal planning!!


my non-scale goal is to track everything. Last September was my "best" weight loss month, and so I went back in carb tracker and looked. I wasn't eating 20-25g/carbs a day, I was mostly around 18-21g. so that was a little eye opener for me, and I tracked EVERYTHING. went to the mexican restaurant and had chips with cheese dip? tracked them. two higher carb days, everything else low. so I'm tracking and I'm counting carbs. I'm at 21 today, having had a broccoli and cheese eggwich for breakfast and the new cheese cauli and chicken atkins bowl for lunch, along with a few 2-3g items. so meat for supper it is! mmm.. meat.
Lexa has weighed in at xxx pounds, up 7.6 pounds
02/19/2019 6:05PM in Healthy Holiday Transformer -$500 weekly drawings until 2019

Total weight lost is now 7,069 pounds! Average is 8.7 pounds.

Lexa accepted the challenge.
02/18/2019 2:55PM in Losing for Health’s February Fitness Focus
The pot is now $5,940

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02/12/2019 2:43PM in Losing_for_health’s Eating Clean for 2019 - via iPhone
Tips for weigh out:
1. Be as relaxed as possible: submit your goal weight before you weigh out so you can get your weigh-out word. Lie down for a few minutes if you can and then step on the scale. If the weight is lower than goal, you can still change it to final weight after your 2 photos.
2. Best post I’ve seen on DB “Sometimes, you’re just one big poop away from your goal!” Do some squats, drink some coffee, etc...Read many a goal reached because of this.
3. Weigh out naked- JUST for the feet & scale photo NOT full body haha. Seen this recommended, it can make a difference :)
4. No matter what the scale says, ANY and ALL changes you made to be healthier, stronger & better are all changes that you achieved and can keep on achieving! I’ve won/lost almost the same amount of Dietbets and even with the losses, you live, learn & get back up!

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I am down 6 lbs. I didn't win (but fully expect to see the weight tomorrow, because, you know how it goes :() anyway, 6lbs is 6lbs and that is a good thing. :)


02/12/2019 10:47AM in Losing_for_health’s Eating Clean for 2019 - via iPhone
  • Congratulations to the winners of the giveaways!!

    Redmond Real Salt Seasoning package: Chenna
    Nush Cakes (1 box each): Marthaismotivated & Valerie M.
    Coco Polo Chocolate: Mandy
    Lily’s Chocolate: Nikkigettingfit
    Keto Krate: Mimi
    Bonus Healthy Meals Challenge: Lexa

    If you are a winner, please email me at losingforhealth@gmail.com with the information below so I can pass it on to the respective companies and get you your goodies!

    Full name
    Address for delivery
    Email address
    Phone number

    Once again, thank you all SO MUCH for joining me and making this so rewarding and fun. I’m so proud of each and every one of you!! If you have not done your final weigh out, you have until tonight at 11:59PM PST. I hope to see you in my next game starting on Monday 2/18!
    💗 Stacy

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Karen R.



Yay! First time winning anything with DietBet!


02/11/2019 6:11AM in Losing_for_health’s Eating Clean for 2019 - via android
Great job to all who made it. It's not looking good for me, which is very disappointing because I was so close last weekend. Oh well. Life happens and I made a list on Thursday or Friday of all the stressful stuff right now and sort of shocked myself. So, trying to be kind to myself. 😊

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Paula P.

I hear you I know i made bad choices just before the end of the diet bet and I totally could have won it I guess there's a slim chance I still could I'm going to wait till the last second to weigh in but it's probably not looking good for me either but I'm not worried about my number on the scale im worried about constantly improving on myself a few pounds lost is better than nothing my clothes feel better I feel better that's what matters


Thank you, all! Reading Stacy's comment brought a literal tear to my eye earlier. It can be tough to admit that we need help or time off or whatever it is, and I try to power through everything, and January has been hectic as heck. I do my best to be positive, to do the hard work of reframing my thoughts, etc. and most importantly to try not to worry what people think, because living to please others is a recipe for disaster. Still, I hope I help more than hinder, if that makes sense? So thank you for the encouragement and kind words. It means a lot. I appreciate that Stacy puts it all out there and also made the choice to run her own DB games! I'll wait until the last minute too, but at the end of the day, I am moving in the right direction. My "skinny" jeans fit for the first time in 7+ years. I'm more flexible and have more energy (most of the time LOL). I'm lower than I was at the beginning and so gotta keep that in mind. thanks all :)


02/11/2019 4:41AM in Losing_for_health’s Eating Clean for 2019 - via iPhone
  • Good morning and happy weigh-in day!! We’ve lost over 1,000lbs and counting this month!!! WOW, what a way to start off 2019!! I AM SO FREAKING PROUD!!! Thank you all for being here with me!!! I can’t even begin to describe how touched and grateful I am to have you all as part of my “tribe”. I’m inspired and encouraged by all the love and support I’ve seen throughout this month, and I really hope you have felt the same. The community is personally my favorite part of the games!

    -Weigh in is open now until tomorrow, February 12th at 11:59PM PST. I suggest weighing in as soon as you can so you have time to resubmit if they ask you to. If you have any weigh in problems, please email support@dietbet.com and they can fix it for you! You can also reset your weigh in on a desktop computer.

    -Remember that you are more than a number!! Even if you didn’t make your 4% target, you are still closer to your goals than when you started! The key to consistent and lasting results is to never give up, so please remember that! We are all winners in the end since we are here and making an effort to improve our health!

    -Never give up!! Our next game starts a week from today on 2/18/19! I’m looking forward to keeping up the clean eating momentum from this game and adding in some fitness for February! Join at DietBet.com/losingforhealth and invite all your friends!

    -Winners of the giveaways will be announced here by tomorrow at 12pm! Please look for that announcement as I’ll be asking you to email me your info!

    -If you have any constructive thoughts or suggestions for improvement for me as a host, I’d love to hear them in the comments below! I really want to provide as much help as possible and make your experience with DietBet as amazing as mine has been! 💗

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Thank you Stacy this has been a great experience can’t wait to do it again :heart::blush: your are such an inspiration!


Thank you to Stacy for hosting, and BIG thank you to everyone who participated!!! The more who participate the more fun it is :) Way to go everyone :)


02/10/2019 3:00AM in Losing_for_health’s Eating Clean for 2019
  • Final Giveaway!! It’s time for someone to win a KetoKrate! KetoKrate is a monthly Keto snack subscription box that is delivered right to your door. February’s Krate, pictured below, was full of yummy options all the way from chocolate to seed crackers! Comment your favorite healthier snack by Monday, February 11th at 12pm Central Time to enter! Winner will be announced at the end of our game!

    If you want to get yourself (or someone else in your life) a Keto Krate regardless of this giveaway, you can do that too! Use this link http://www.ketokrate.com/?aff=79 and code LOSINGFORHEALTH15 to get 15% off your first box!

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Irene O.

Mozzarella cheese slices from Costco!


Pecans. I need to plant a

Irene O.

02/09/2019 6:42AM in Losing_for_health’s Eating Clean for 2019
When is the last day to weigh in? Is it on Feb 12 (Tues) at 11:59pm?

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Paula P.

You have 48 hours from the end date


yes, midnight Tuesday night (into wednesday)


02/07/2019 2:39PM in Losing_for_health’s Eating Clean for 2019 - via android
Feeling a bit frustrated! I was within 1.1 lbs of goal and now the scale is up several. I realize its water weight but geezo come on scale you need to move!!!!

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Paula P.

I'm so glad you posted that lady's because even though I know I'm not the only person who struggles sometimes in that moment I personally get so frustrated with myself and get downright mad like why did I just decide out of the blue to go off keto I mean I did great all day I wasn't even hungry and I was a little upset about a situation but I had calmed down and was actually in a good mindset before I know it I'm eating things that I shouldn't thankfully I didn't allow it to go on for too long but I'm sure I went over my carbs because of it ...tomorrow is a new day I'm close to winning I'm going to do this I'm confident just got to keep my head in the game


I was looking at those donuts for a couple of days. I didn't sleep well the night before and didn't plan my lunches well enough so it was a perfect storm. Yesterday I stuck to low carb stuff, probably ate too many calories, but not feeling the sugar cravings as badly today, so we got this! It isn't over until it's over, and we can keep trying until the last minute for weigh in :)
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