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mols inspire

11/17/2020 9:15PM in Molsinspires LAST DIETBET
Thanks everyone who participated in challenge number 1! The winner was Kiley D! ( please email me at Molsinspire@gmail… to claim you bonus!)

So I was planning on absolutely crushing this November and life had other plans for me :( my boyfriend and I came down with Covid so I’ve been super MIA. The good news is we are on the take end of it!

My NEW CHALLENGE to you guys is to post how you stay accountable when life throws curve balls at you! I’d love to hear and I think it would be super valuable info with everything going on right now!

So for the next challenge tell me in a paragraph below! I’ll choose a bonus winner next week!

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Vennecia M.

Keeping a food journal helps me! I use MyFitnessPal to keep track of what I eat and how many calories to make sure I’m not going overboard. I still indulge on holidays or special events but still make sure I track myself and NEVER punish yourself for indulging! As long as you get back on track there’s nothing wrong with living a little!


My fitness pal is life! Tracking your food and water can be a pain BUT it keeps you aware and accountable. I am not one for dieting because I feel that it’s a temporary fix, and unless you are willing to make it a lifestyle change, you will eventually gain the weight you lost. If you use the mindset “everything in moderation” you can make healthy decisions without giving up things you enjoy. I also do not factor in my exercise calories burned and stick with my original calories goal for each day. I also like that my Apple Watch keeps me accountable with my calories and movement goal. I make sure to get in at least 30 minutes of cardio everyday, but strive to hit that 60 minute mark. I am a single mom to a five year old so we also take bike rides, walks, and run around the yard to stay active. My last little tip is whenever I find myself standing in front of the fridge or pantry looking at food to eat out of boredom I walk away and do 50 crunches to distract myself!

mols inspire

09/23/2020 10:50PM in SEPTEMBER SLIM DOWN with Molsinspire
Okay guys last and finally challenge!!!!

Congrats to Rebecca b and Dani on challenge number 2 & 3.

For the last one of like you guys to write me a paragraph or two about how you plan to make these lifestyle changes and not just a quick fix. It’s the key to making the results last!

Please make sure to be as detailed as possible

You guys have until the final weigh out!
Past winners

Challenge #1 - Asilinndanger
Challenge #2 - Rebecca B
Challenge #3 - Dani
All winners MUST email me at molsinspire@gmail… to claim there bonus, the additional money will be sent via PayPal within 10 days of the game ending!

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Jenna A.

  • After back to back pregnancies and countless times failing on keto, which keto helped my get down to where i needed to be to gain back some motivation but I found my way back to my plant based(vegan) lifestyle. My energy & stamina is through the roof. I was plant based before my first pregnancy. I was the heaviest I had ever been after giving birth to my second. Included is a photo a week before I gave birth to my second and a photo from now. I have literally worked my a** off to get where I am now. I can't stop, I won't stop!! So may of 2018 to now.... Starting weight was over 220 & my current weight is 145 hoping to get down to 135. I hope this inspires a few! Good luck ladies!


I will never diet again. Diets don’t work. I eat when I’m hungry and the choices I make are healthy. I don’t believe in cutting out any one food group. Vegetables, fruits, proteins and healthy fats are all part of my daily routine. Drinking half of my body weight in ounces is my new religion. I’m very close to having lost 40lbs since June 4, 2020 and plan to lose 50lbs more. I cut out toxic people from my life that I believed to be my friends. It was painful but it was a mental weight that was dragging me down. I plan to be more selective with the people that I allow into my circle for the rest of my life. I will take care of myself first before I take care of others so that I have the energy to give to them.


11/19/2020 6:36AM in Molsinspires LAST DIETBET

It's that time of the week when we announce the 25 recipients of the $200 Instacart gift card. You’ll receive an email from us with details, so be on the lookout. Want a chance to get a prize next week? Become a member today! Without further ado...

Animonamalisa, anouk dBrittany, Claire BDani MFabienne S, Gidget, Ginny LHila, Jamie RJeff JJon RJose PJosh, Karina HKim B, Manda R, Melinda RNatalie A, Nicole LRebelRakeShannonSheila Z, Tiffany S and Valentina!

Next week’s prize: The Mirror home workout system. Train in your home with a digital personal trainer guiding you through. 3 players get this prize. 


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Amber R.

Hey everyone! I'm new to DietBet and believe I won the last prize of one of the 400 Crate and Barrel gift cards but never received an email. Can anyone confirm if they received theirs?

Amber R.

Also, congrats to all the winners!!

Claire B.

09/29/2020 9:30AM in SEPTEMBER SLIM DOWN with Molsinspire
Just made it to exactly my goal weight, counted calories pretty carefully this month ! Also non scale victory I bought a fall /spring jacket in March and couldn’t even zip it up, now it fits fine !

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Yay! Awesome job.