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Favorite Health Food: Almond butter

My Preferred Method of Exercise: Walking and gym

My Approach to Weight Loss: Lifestyle change

My Weight Loss Program: I don't follow a program

My Diet Plan: Clean eating

Fitness/Exercise Apps: MyFitnessPal

Fitness Devices: FitBit

DietBet Winnings: $856.33

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01/18/2021 2:40PM
Hi Carol! Thank you for the likes on my comments! It's super nice to know someone is reading them, at least! LOL I hope you're doing well without too much struggle and staying warm and safe! :)

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10/12/2016 10:06AM


02/02/2014 1:10AM
Could be a bit of a tough week so lots of planning and being adaptable will be necessary.

Away for 3 days / 2 nights for works and for a lot of it will not be in control of the menu.

The Plan is to make sure that when I am in control is to eat healthy and wholesome, get plenty of exercise. For when I am not in make the wisest choice for the food that will do the least damage along with portion control.


02/02/2014 1:06AM
Okay, have joined the MyFitspiration db4 this along with the transformer db 10 will keep me on the ball.


02/01/2014 2:07PM
Well weight and photos submitted. Hard work begins now to lose 0.6 kilos for the round 1 final in the transformer db10.


01/30/2014 7:07PM
I must do better at keeping up the posts here. Will give it a break now until Monday.

Feeling pretty lethargic at the moment, not sure why.


01/25/2014 4:59PM
6 days to the end of Blogilates January game. Weight in this morning was a stay the same...not a bad thing not a good thing...will need to work on drinking more water and getting in some more walking.

Breakfast this morning was a couple of eggs and a couple of nectarines.

Lunch may be a pretty solid and large green smoothie. I think my insides can do with a bit of tlc..I shouldn't eat bread...I am intolerant to wheat, gluten and rye...I have eaten some bread this week...a little is not so bad, but when I have too much it inflames the colon and bowel. I had too much this week...I really shouldn't eat it all.

Dinner I think....a protein smoothie...made with an all natural protein powder with only 10 ingredients all of which are recognisable, it is not full of chemicals and god knows what else.


Suffering a little heartburn after the green smoothie, probably an accumulation of the last few days...bread and wine. Need to be kinder to my body.


01/23/2014 12:05PM
Note to self: three glasses of wine is not dinner!

No walk this morning, but will venture out at lunchtime and do another when I get home tonight.

Breakfast and lunch same as yesterday. Dinner green smoothie plus an egg or two?


01/22/2014 12:17PM
Woohoo clawed back my loss, now to get back on track for losing for weight. Was up at 5.30 for a walk this morning, for some of it I did a walk/jog (slow jog ha ha) intervals.

Switched my food about this morning, had meatloaf and veg for breakfast, taking a banana smoothie (with an added natural protein powder) to work for lunch, pear for a snack...dinner no idea yet.

If it isn't too hot at lunch time, I shall go for a walk, it won't be an exercise walk more an incidental activity walk.

Onward and downwards :)


01/22/2014 2:04AM
So its been awhile. Before I disappeared it wasn't going well, and then I went away for a few days, kind of got back into gear, but do have a weight gain to show for it.

So tomorrow back on track...see if I get recoup my loss and some more to boot :)
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