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Jennifer C.

12/09/2018 9:57AM in FeliciaFitnessHealth DietBet - via android
Kinda frustrated this morning cause I went to do my weekly weigh in and though I was down earlier this week by 2 pounds, I'm back up as soon as I'm dressed and ready to take the picture! I know I have to be patient. Yesterday I ate a lot of salt, home sick with a cold and drinking lots of tea and soup probably has me bloated. Its always hard for me when I feel like I'm doing everything right and things dont work out as I expected. This diet bet keeps me on track, I wont give up. I have committed myself to a year and I plan on losing every bit of what weighs me down.

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Felicia K.

Our weight can fluctuate SO much! Don’t get discouraged by it!


You can lose so much weight and the scale won’t reflect it. It’s best to just weigh yourself once every 1/2 weeks. Though I understand because if the challenge this may be difficult. It’s rare the scale accurately reflects your progress, especially in such a short time period. Which is why you have to rely on how you feel not what the scale Says! Worry about that the last week or 2 when you have to reach your 4% down, then you can focus on debloat. :)
Amy has weighed in at xxx pounds
12/09/2018 12:05PM in Healthy Holiday Commitment

Total weight lost is now 84 pounds! Average is 1.1 pounds.

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Marie S.

12/09/2018 3:58AM in FeliciaFitnessHealth DietBet - via android
I worked out last night and woke up two pounds heavier :( Could that just be water stored in the muscles or did I mess up somehow?

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Marie S.

Thank you girls! And yes, it definitely makes sense but I've actually been working out for a long time and it's never happened to me before. I'll see what the scale says tomorrow.
But, yes again, I need to rely less on the scale. Probably should start measuring. Thanks and good luck everyone for the game!

Gwendolyn G.

You should look up The Whoosh Effect. The article really helped me when I was feeling frustrated about the scale not moving.
Amy has weighed in at xxx pounds
12/08/2018 12:05PM in FeliciaFitnessHealth DietBet

Total weight lost is now 564 pounds! Average is 0.7 pounds.

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Jeremy K

12/07/2018 9:32AM in FeliciaFitnessHealth DietBet
How often does everyone get on the scale? I'm daily to keep the motivation going but it's such a disappointment to have an awesome day eating perfectly and getting in a solid workout then gaining a pound the next morning. I know it's water but it still sucks!

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Abee S.

I weigh daily, specifically every morning. I do this because it tells me if what I did the day before worked. If I gained I obviously need to change something about my diet, drink more water or something. The scale can be discouraging but use it as a tool.

Jennifer C.

2-3 times a day.
Its excessive but it helps me remember how much the body can fluctuate, so I dont get discouraged when it's a few pounds up


12/06/2018 8:57PM in Healthy Holiday Commitment
My phone broke last night. No idea what's wrong with it. Will I be able to use someone else's phone for the weigh ins?

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I’m sure you can, just download the app on their phone :)

Referee Maureen

Hi Schmatz! Yes, you can definitely use someone else's phone. You'll have to download the app on the borrowed phone but then you can log in using your credentials and it will be just like using your own phone.

Jenn C.

12/06/2018 8:41PM in FeliciaFitnessHealth DietBet - via android
When do we weigh in for the first time? Do we have to join and pay $5.00 to weigh in and have it count?

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Weigh in ASAP. The cut off date to weigh in is I believe mid December. To join the Kickstarter you must pay the bet. Which I think is $35 for this one. The $5 you had an option to pay, allows you to enter more weigh ins, as progress weigh ins, this 5$ also allows you a chance to be entered into some prizes. You do NOT need to pay this 5$ to be in the Kickstarter. You only need to pay the bet. Paying the bet allows you 2 official weigh ins. One at the beginning, and one at the end. You may submit as many unofficial weigh ins as you’d like if you wish to not pay the extra 5$ (I didn’t)


12/06/2018 6:33PM in FeliciaFitnessHealth DietBet - via iPhone
I did so well for the first 3 days (Monday-Wednesday) and today has blown bc I felt like I was starving. I’m pretty sure that all the calories I saved in the past 3 days, I just ate back this evening.
Well, I guess tomorrow is a new day... And a new gym session.

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Thank you all for the feedback. I think I am going to do a better job of tracking calories. BMR is 1650 so I was calculating a 500 cal deficit (eating 1150 cals per day) plus a 500 calories burned workout equals 1000 cals a day, 7000 a week and that equals to 2 pounds lost each week (3500 calories for a pound of fat). Did well for breakfast so just finding the mind set to continue each day.

Amber M.

I did the SAME thing. Shifted my mind set yesterday and back in the wagon. Cheers to a new day! We got this!


12/06/2018 3:19PM in FeliciaFitnessHealth DietBet - via android
Just got out the gym

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Felicia K.





12/06/2018 2:35PM in FeliciaFitnessHealth DietBet - via iPhone
  • I get a weekly allowance and this is what I spent some of it on. Best. Thing. Ever! Thanks Felicia for introducing me to them. #smartcake

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Marci H.

Can u buy these in stores or only order


Yum I love these too!
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