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01/25/2019 5:36PM in Fatgirlfedup's Year of Transformation Kickoff - via android
  • Airfryer GIVEAWAY! Okay guys I'm obsessed with this kitchen appliance so I want to give one away! Tonight I made BBQ chicken on a skillet and fries in my airfryer. Such a game changer! To win leave below your favorite healthy swap by 8pm Saturday Jan 26th! All winners chosen at the end of our game!

Kristi M. , Amanda Q. and like this photo.

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My favorite healthy swap is cauliflower rice!

Amanda G

Cauliflower mash!!

Melissa D.

01/25/2019 4:48PM in Fatgirlfedup's Year of Transformation Kickoff - via iPhone
I ate cookie cake at a birthday party, but I ain’t even mad. I’m still under calories for the day and I enjoyed it. It was a nice little treat.

Amanda Q. , Leah and like this comment.


I love this!! It’s so good to treat yourself and I love how you didn’t say “well my day is ruined now” and had the sugary party drinks and tons more junk!! Which is sooo hard to do.


01/22/2019 7:31PM in Fatgirlfedup's Year of Transformation Kickoff - via iPhone
  • Anyone else doing the snow shovel exercise plan? Every neighbor received a shoveled drive way so I could burn calories. You get a clean driveway 👉???? you get a clean driveway 👉???? EVERYONE GETS A CLEAN DRIVEWAY 🙌????🙌????🙌????

Jamie L. , Amanda Q. and like this photo.

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Stefanie G.

That is awesome!


Any warm weather betters please feel free to visit for work outs :joy:


01/22/2019 7:03PM in Fatgirlfedup's Year of Transformation Kickoff - via iPhone
Hi Tribe! So I am been struggling with determining how many calories I should eat a day! I have tried 4-5 different “calorie calculators” online along with MyFitnessPal and I feel like the numbers always come out different! Any suggestions on how to get an accurate number? Just want to make sure I am eating enough but not overeating!

Jamie L. , Amanda Q. and like this comment.

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Learn and do research about BMR and TDEE, @jordanshrinks has the BEST weight loss guide on this that you can google and download for free. I use tdeecalculator.net to find mine and update it and my calorie goal weekly as I continue to lose or as my activity level changes. Maintaining a 500-1000 calorie deficit from your TDEE (total daily energy expenditure or how many calories a day your body burns just by being alive and moving around as much as you do) WILL result in a 1-2 pound weightloss every week. Apps like MFP often start you on too few calories to deliver faster results, most people can maintain a healthy and lasting weight loss eating around 1800 calories a day, which might be too few for some depending on their weight and activity level - the important thing to remember is that staying under a 1000 cal deficit will not deplete muscle mass and will not rely on losing water weight. I know there is so much information out there, but finding your TDEE is the most scientific and accurate starting point. I hope you have luck on finding your answer! :heart:

Ronda K.

Do you have a fitness watch that calculates your calories burned through your heart rate? That will give you a start for how many you burn a day. I have a pretty high heart rate at rest so I burn 2500 or more calories in a work day and my daily calorie goal is 1609 or less.


01/22/2019 6:11PM in Fatgirlfedup's Year of Transformation Kickoff - via iPhone
I’m feeling frustrated. I’m being so careful, planning ahead, tracking calories, exercising more, doing what has always worked. The scale hasn’t moved in 3 weeks. I know it’s not the number but it is so frustrating to get the same results I was getting when I wasn’t trying so hard.

Amanda Q. , Taylor Z. and like this comment.

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If you are in a caloric defecit you will lose weight. Also, if you are in a defecit you will not gain muscle. If you are consuming more than you burn then you will not lose weight

Megan K.

Maybe just forget about the scale and jot down all the other ways you've noticed the benefits of your hard work? Like sleeping more deeply, or having better balance, more energy, less cravings, or whatever you've noticed and try tracking those things for the next week. Give yourself some other performance measures to evaluate your progress. :)


01/15/2019 1:11PM in RESOLUTION KICKSTARTER with jordanshrinks - via iPhone
What do yall like with your oats? Milk or yoghurt? I’m gonna eat oats with the hershey’s cocoa tomorrow but i don’t know what to add haha

Brittney A. , Kaya and like this comment.

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I cook mine on the hob! I do 40g of oats, 10g of my choc protein powder, and a teaspoon of some cocoa powder. I then add water (sometimes with 100ml of coconut milk if i have any). When its cooked I add some cacao nibs (for iron and magnesium), some chia seeds (healthy fats) and berries :) sometimes i add peanut butter for protein but i find its v calorific so i avoid it unless i wanna treat myself :)


Sometimes I am eating them with chocolate and sometimes with sea salt and yogurt

Stacy T.

01/11/2019 9:04PM in Fatgirlfedup's Year of Transformation Kickoff - via android
I think I am doing well but not working out which I know is a no no but it's so hard I work as a hairdresser full time on my feet and I also go to school online full time and I am finding it so hard to work out after being on my feet all day...this is no excuse I just need some motivation and some advise please

DeDaun , Heidi and like this comment.

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Could you add secret exercise? When you park your car, park it at the back of the lot. Take stairs instead of escalators. Find ways to walk more and use your body more :D


I work 13 hour days and sometimes I don't want to go for my walk in the morning because I just want to get a few more Zzz's. So as soon as I get home, before I even sit down, I'll change and go for a walk. I know once I sit down, the exhaustion kicks in and I won't get up. Find something that you enjoy while walking to you'll wanna do it. I have a gorgeous little park right by my apartment that I walk to then walk around. And I also play Pokemon go, because finding Pokestops to spin encourages me to walk longer and farther. There are other games that use your walking distance to earn points, find something that works for you.
Also I set a small goal, when I leave the house, I say "ok, just walk for 30 mins. That's all." And not setting my expectations too high makes me feel accomplished and usually I walk for 1-2 hours because once I start, it's easier to keep going!


01/11/2019 8:53PM in Fatgirlfedup's Year of Transformation Kickoff
only 22 days left in this diet bet .. how are you feeling about it so far? i fluctuate a LOT depending on time of day i weigh myself but overall i have seen some loss, which i think so far has been bloat not fat.

DeDaun , Sam and like this comment.

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Kelly you are so right :)


I don't weigh everyday so I don't get discouraged when I see the numbers fluctuate up. I weigh about every 5 days and count my calories to hold myself accountable instead.


01/11/2019 8:52PM in RESOLUTION KICKSTARTER with jordanshrinks - via iPhone
Kinda disappointed in myself. I binge ate for the first time in 2 months. Sounded like a great idea beforehand but now my stomach is like wwhhhyyyy

Laura Winter , Brittney A. and like this comment.

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Remember this feeling the next time it seems like a good idea :heart:


We have all been there. It's okay. At least now you know it wasn't worth it. It's done and time to move forward.


01/11/2019 7:57PM in RESOLUTION KICKSTARTER with jordanshrinks - via android
Does anyone have any ideas on how to lose fat but not gain more muscle while going to the gym. I find I build lots of muscle really quickly so I gain weight but I never seem to be able to lose it :/

Brittney A. , Kaya and like this comment.

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Oh my goodness no disrespect to you Clare at all but telling someone to stick to cardio to lose weight and not gain muscle is really wrong. Weight lifting is an AMAZING form of cardiovascular exercise and many doctors recommend it over cardio! Weight lifting and body workouts are amazing for strength and flexibility when cardio can just be so hard on your joints. When you’re losing weight you are NOT gaining muscle. You do not ever have to worry about gaining muscle weight unless you’re in a caloric surplus. A type of cardio I do love is the stair climber! Use your heels to press down and it’s especially working your glutes!!

Clare F.

She specifically asked how to lose weight and not gain muscle. Not everyone has the same goals and not everyone wants to gain muscle. So I just gave a very simple answer. Now I understand that if you're in a caloric deficit it would be very difficult to gain muscle and that doing some type of strength training actually does burn more calories (as my comment stated) but it didn't seem like something she was interested in. However, doing cardio doesn't mean she is stuck on a treadmill for hours. Like you said weightlifting is a great form of cardiovascular activity and strength training. So is kickboxing and circuit training among many more. So I dont think is fair to say I was wrong in suggesting cardio. In the end we are all just on a journey trying to find something that works for us and we enjoy.
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