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Naomi S. has weighed in at xxx pounds, up 2.6 pounds
02/07/2021 6:05PM in Goal Crusher Transformer - Win $500 for Fitness Gear!

Total weight lost is now 955 pounds! Average is 1.9 pounds.


02/05/2021 10:59AM in Lose 4% in 8 Weeks
  • What's Cooking for the Super Bowl?

    This just flipped on me. My Every Other Day Fasting got switched on me this morning as I fell off the schedule and snacked last night when I should have just gone to bed. That is okay, I'm back on a schedule, but it has me fasting today and Sunday. ARGH! But probably for the best as I will definitely NOT over eat on Sunday this way.

    With 2 weigh-ins this weekend looming (7-8) (10-11) I need to remain focused if I am going to make weight. I've been way over for some time and now I have several pounds to shred to beat my Challenges.

    Good Luck all and GO CHIEFS!

Betsy Y. , sharon c. and like this photo.

Naomi S.

Good luck with you weigh ins! You got this!

sharon c.

Good luck


01/28/2021 6:32AM in Goal Crusher Transformer - Win $500 for Fitness Gear!

It's that time of the week when we announce the 2 recipients of the Peloton Bike Works. You’ll receive an email from us with details, so be on the lookout. Want a chance to get a prize next week? Become a member today! Without further ado...


Samantha G and Teresa B


Next week’s prize: a four week subscription to Blue Apron. Get the freshest gourmet groceries delivered each week, along with recipes to turn them into five star meals. 20 players get this prize.


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Aymee W.

Amazing prize! Congratulations! :tada:

Naomi S.

Congratulations! So awesome!


01/27/2021 7:27AM in Lose 4% in 8 Weeks
I am Beth, I live in Wisconsin and its super cold, I did start my weight lose journey a long while ago, I started at 525 and have lost about 255 pounds so far. Its a lifestyle change for me. I do post my foods on Instagram to help keep me motivated https://www.instagram.com/beths_lowcarb_journey/

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sharon c.

Wow! Congrats! So inspiring!

Naomi S.

Congratulations! Very inspirational. :relaxed:


01/26/2021 2:05PM in Goal Crusher Transformer - Win $500 for Fitness Gear!
How are we all doing so far? I know it’s early but what are goals for week one?

Count calories daily. Keep under my lose it calorie limit. Only add half as much back for exercise.
Weigh daily.
Get my steps and don’t skip lifting.
Keep hydrating.

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Kim C.

I cut out all sugary things and am drinking black coffee. I went for a walk this morning before work. I already feel better and have lost 2lbs in 2 days by just cutting out the ridiculous amount of junk I was eating and I'm tracking my food to stay accountable.

Naomi S.

Document all good (food accountability)
Keep protein and carbs ratios balanced
Most importantly self care and positive self talk.

Jacquilyn P.

01/26/2021 1:42PM in Goal Crusher Transformer - Win $500 for Fitness Gear!
Newbie here and excited

Naomi S. , Jennifer S. and like this comment.

Naomi S.



01/26/2021 6:28AM in Goal Crusher Transformer - Win $500 for Fitness Gear!
  • I have been doing great with Exercise for months! But my nutrition has only been on point for a couple weeks. I just joined 3 diet bets to help stay on track

    4 week
    3 month
    6 months

    I’m ready to get healthy!!!

LadyTreds , Erin J. and like this photo.

Naomi S.

Welcome! You got this!


01/25/2021 7:34PM in Lose 4% in 8 Weeks
This my first DietBet. I have been consistent on stepbet and waybetter so I thought I would take the leap to Dietbet. I'm very nervous but I'm hoping it will help motivate me

Suzi G. , Thia and like this comment.

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Naomi S.

Welcome! No need to be nervous! You got this and everyone here is a great support!


I came back to dietbet because I missed the support. The deadlines (and potential money loss) are great motivation.


01/23/2021 6:26AM in Goal Crusher Transformer - Win $500 for Fitness Gear!
Here we go! Lost my last 1 month diet bet so I’m going all in for a 6 monther! I’ve only done the 6 month bet once and won and I’m hoping to win again! Good luck everyone!

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Naomi S.

Good luck!

Simone S.

You can win each month, but the winnings will be paid out in the end and the really big pot is in round 6.

Nicole V.

01/19/2021 8:05PM in Goal Crusher Transformer - Win $500 for Fitness Gear!
Whew, I have never been so nervous to place a bet before. Proud of us for betting on ourselves though. (First timer obv to weight loss bets and gambling in general😬😂)

Naomi S. , Leslie G. and like this comment.

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I'm so nervous about this too! Im a dietbet veteran, but decided to try a transformer to drop more weight. We've got this though!! You can do it!!!

Naomi S.

Look at it as an investment in yourself! Congratulations! You control the outcome and you CAN do it!
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