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06/15/2019 3:42PM in Dani’s Summertime DietBet
  • Favorite easy low carb dinner! Keto “pizza”
    1 cup shredded mozzarella
    1/4 cup parmesan
    Italian seasoning
    Turkey pepperoni
    Red pepper flakes (optional)
    Sriracha (optional)
    Put cheese, seasoning and pepperoni on a non stick pan and let it simmer with a cover on it (about 7 min)
    Remove lid and turn off heat and then let it set for a few min
    There you have it! Super simple 💕

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Dawn J.

Looks yummy




06/14/2019 8:49PM in Dani’s Summertime DietBet
  • Getting in that late night workout ????????

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Brie C.

Same, just left!

Presley B.

Yes!!! I knew you would :)


06/14/2019 11:41AM in Dani’s Summertime DietBet
Hey everyone! I haven’t gotten the chance to say welcome yet, but I hope everyone is having a great start this week! Does anyone have any plans on how they’re going to lose the weight??

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Ellen K.

  • ;o)

K K.

I am just focusing on be conscious of my eating and moving throughout the day. I want to be consistent because consistency leads to change!
05/18/2019 6:51AM in Dani’s Summertime DietBet
The start date has been changed to Monday, June 10.

Dani created this game!

05/18/2019 6:48AM in Dani’s Summertime DietBet
Players will compete to lose 4% of their starting weight in 4 weeks. Everyone who wins splits the pot! See how it works.

Up to the challenge? Join this game!

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04/20/2019 5:55PM in Dani's Weight Loss Journey DietBet - via iPhone
So happy to see so many of you hitting your goals!!!!

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I can't find my word to weigh out. Can you please help?


Go to submit your weight it should come up after you input your weight!


04/19/2019 7:27AM in Dani's Weight Loss Journey DietBet - via iPhone
  • Getting some last minute workouts in before the weigh in ????

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riley s.

04/18/2019 8:02PM in Dani's Weight Loss Journey DietBet - via iPhone
  • When your watching dani and she posts on here ❤

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Wow love this :sob::two_hearts:


04/18/2019 8:01PM in Dani's Weight Loss Journey DietBet - via iPhone
Hey guys! Only a few days left!! Do you guys have any strategies on how you’re going to tackle the weekend before the weigh in??

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Mz. P.

Sunday will be my worst fear as well in this entire challenge. Its almost as if I have to choose to have a good time with my family or stay home and not risk loosing this dietbet. This is tuff!! Being that this holiday falls the day before weigh in. Would have been wonderful if weigh -ins was Saturday!!! Smh!!

Kayli B.

Sunday my son turns 1 and it's Easter.... But I don't lose so I'll save myself some cake and eat it Monday :birthday::birthday: :muscle::muscle:


04/12/2019 7:18AM in Dani's Weight Loss Journey DietBet - via iPhone
Only 10 days left until the final weigh in! So many of you are KILLING it and have reached or so close to your goals. Just remember WEEKEND CALORIES DO COUNT, as much as we want to believe they don’t 😂 I seriously struggle hard with weekends but knowing the weigh in is so close it’s keeping me on track because that moneyyyyyy

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Dave A

I know you have about 800 players and may not have time amd that’s ok if you don’t

Dave A

I guess you can check out my website and see that I’m legit because you can’t never tell on social media for sure
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