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Favorite Health Food: sautéed baby bok choy mushrooms onions

Favorite Sinful Food: anything sweet and salty

My Preferred Method of Exercise: workouts hiking archery

My Approach to Weight Loss: using the 2B mindset with clean eating as much as possible

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Margaret P.

about 1 hour ago in Spring Into Your Summer Bod!
  • 10R/W6/D1/Boxing1: Advance Combos:Into the Ring & Boxing Cooldown & Stretch done!!! Nutrition on point today and Water is at 140 ounces, Tracker completed & Dinner and Done

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Margaret P.

05/15/2022 2:10PM in Spring Into Your Summer Bod!
  • Let’s Get Up - Let’s Tone Up done!!! ❤❤❤It was a sweaty one!!! Nutrition on point and water is at 140 ounces so far !!!

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Catherine B.

05/13/2022 5:41PM in Spring Into Your Summer Bod!
Today marks the end of my first full week really truly committing. Tracked all 7 days, didn’t meet my water goal every day but it has increased and is getting closer, and to top it off I’m down 3.3lbs for the week!
Heading into the weekend strong!

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Margaret P.

Way to go !!! Awesome job!!!

Laura R.

That’s awesome great job!

Margaret P.

05/13/2022 4:36PM in Spring Into Your Summer Bod!
  • Sorry for all the posts I’m playing catch up with them. I decided for my workout today to do the sample workout out Fire & Flow. It was a good sweaty one!!! I can’t wait to try out the whole program once it’s out. Nutrition on point ; Water is at 154 ounces and Tracker is complete and I’m Dinner & Done!!!

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Michelle B.

I did the sample workout yesterday, too! So good! Can’t wait for the program to release.

Michelle B.

MM100 was my all-time favorite program and although I really don’t care for barre workouts, Elise got me enjoying Barre Blend, too. So the combination of Jericho and Elise is amazing.

Margaret P.

05/13/2022 4:27PM in Spring Into Your Summer Bod!
  • Forgot to post yesterday’s workout - 10R/W5/D5/Boxing3- Combos: Pivots & Power and Boxing Cooldown & Stretch done!!! Nutrition was good. I treated not cheated and had some chips and I’m ok with that choice. Water was 128 ounces & Tracker completed

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Margaret P.

05/13/2022 4:18PM in Spring Into Your Summer Bod!
  • Today’s Lunch was a Sexy Salad with roasted chicken breast pieces - it was to yummy I had the other half for dinner and added half of an English cucumber. I must say I truly enjoyed every bite.

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05/13/2022 3:15PM in Spring Into Your Summer Bod!
Hi Everyone!

Here is the recording from todays Live Dietbet Call.

Have a great weekend!

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Andrea W.

Great information. Super interesting about metabolism. I’m in 40 and noticed big change in my body past few years. Heard it’s really important to focus on weight training in 40’s and beyond. Now I know why.

Valerie M.

Miss the call but I am glad I listened to the recording. Being postmenopausal I invested in see a bio identical hormone therapist who dig deeper into my labs than my primary doc and he gave me supplements for my specific body. My husband has been cooking dinner and recently found out he has been adding butter to the olive oil because he heard that it doesn’t smoke. I do have to work a little harder at getting my metabolism going than others but I learned that through trial and error. Don’t get me started with the comparison game. Let’s just say I have to do a lot of talking to myself to remind myself that I am a women and not a little girl.

Sherry M.

05/13/2022 1:29PM in Spring Into Your Summer Bod!
  • It took me along time to be able to say I love myself, truly love myself. I don’t mean the one you tell people you love yourself…I mean truly love every part of yourself and don’t care what others think. I love my saggy skin from carrying 2 big babies. I love my stretch marks. I love the cellulite that never seems to leave my thighs. I’m comfortable to run or workout outside in a sports bar and shorts. I’ll wear a two piece bathing suit at the beach with my kids without a cover up or even carrying how I look. The moment I stopped caring what others thought and started loving myself is when I was truly happy. And this was all when I was 10lbs heavier than I am now.

    Love yourself. ❤

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Margaret P.

Looking awesome!!!

Tina N.

05/13/2022 11:01AM in Spring Into Your Summer Bod!
  • Enjoying my breakfast protein shake with these cuties, 2 servings of veggies one serving of fruit.

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Margaret P.

They are so adorable !!!

Laura R.

So cute

Hazel Rain

05/13/2022 10:09AM in Spring Into Your Summer Bod!
I was only up 0.5lb this morning after the birthday taco night. I practiced moderation and really enjoyed my food. I also prepared for the increase in calories and "silly" carbs at dinner earlier in the day. I felt satisfied and empowered and expected to bump up after a meal with a deep fried flour tortilla that was not veggies most. :)

Tonight I have a dinner out, there's very little to eat on the menu so I'm prepping today again with low/no fat meals and low sugar & light FFC's (cranberries & mixed berries for breakfast) and adding a little extra fiber to keep me moving since fats slow down motility.
Also, I'm totally having a weight loss weekend, I'm going to be ready after two special occasion meals this week.

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First of all HAPPY BIRTHDAY WEEK!!!!! Winning mindset YES this WILL be a weight loss week!! I Love this post!!! This is organization at its best!!

Margaret P.

Great job!!!
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