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Favorite Health Food: Greek yogurt, sweet potatoes

Favorite Sinful Food: ice cream

My Preferred Method of Exercise: walking

My Approach to Weight Loss: eat less, move more

Fitness/Exercise Apps: Lose It!, The Walk

Fitness Devices: FitBit

DietBet Winnings: $3,368.71

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02/26/2015 2:31AM
You're doing a great job! Keep up the good work ????


Thanks, Jenn! February has pretty much been plateau'd for me, so I can use all the encouragement I can get. Thanks for doing such a great job as host on the St Patty's bet!


01/31/2015 6:05PM
Incredible board you have going on there! I don't know Amy, so don't want you to feel like I am pushing her, but, I am getting ready to join my 3rd DB4 with her for $15.00 because I have made such wonderful virtual friends and it makes an incredible difference. Look at it - not sure why you don't feel like you will be ready until March but I feel like it is a small investment for a support group! Best of luck! Keep on keeping on.............


Thanks! And thanks again for the recommendation. I would much rather play with a group like Amy's that is in it to support one another, so I hope I'll have the opportunity to join someday. As to why I'm not ready until March: I find losing 4% in a month to be pretty stressful, so I only do DB4s on the first month of a new Transformer. I'm maxed out and can't start a new Transformer until March.


11/19/2014 11:08PM
Hi Deborah. I see you've done (are doing) Transfomer games. How is that? I'm wondering if I should wait until this smaller DB4 challenge I just joined is done first. The lastest Transformer started yesterday. Would love to hear your thoughts. Thanks!


I love the Transformers! I actually chose a Transformer instead of a DB4 for my first game because I was afraid I couldn't lose 4% in a month. I discovered that I would have, but the Transformer has so many advantages in terms of structure and commitment. A lot of people will get to the end of a DB4, meet their goal, and then have a post weigh-in celebration that (temporarily) undoes a month's good work. With the Transformer, each round builds toward the next and I'm making changes that will last a lifetime. (Though I still sneak in the occasional food-based celebration between weigh ins.)

If you're ready for a 6-month commitment, I say go for it! The need to meet your DB4 goal will put you ahead in the Transformer.

Becky C.

03/05/2014 2:45AM
Deborah, this is Becky... Just wondering if you are from Lake City..if so I joined and wanted to designate you as my friend.. Let's do this!


Hi, Becky. Sorry! I'm from SF. Good luck finding your Deborah, and Yeah! Let's do this!