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419 members $432,254.68 won 4,375.3 lbs


09/27/2019 6:42AM
Is this group still active? I have been trying to find historical transformer data but I can't seem to view the latest DietBet comments in each ended game. So I miss the Round 6 payout.

Nicole R.

01/01/2018 5:58PM
The current 2018 Jan 1 DietBet - is that pot a record??


10/23/2017 10:59AM
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10/07/2017 11:04AM
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08/30/2017 8:02AM
Does anyone have a heart rate monitor they really like? What do you use to examine the data?


12/08/2016 2:27PM
  • How much do Dietbet Transformer games pay out? Attached are two sets of Transformer stats from fall 2015-spring 2016.
    (I paid up front for both so my overall bet was only $125 for each. If you were to pay monthly, the total bet would be $150.)

    See my other recent post for Kickstarter stats.

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Biking Syl

But wait, the FAQ page for Transformers is a little hidden. You can read the fine print, including safety and disqualification rules here:

Disqualification thresholds:
Round 1 - 12%
Round 2 - 18%
Round 3 - 24%
Round 4 - 27%
Round 5 - 30%
Round 6 - 30%
So basically they are trying to protect people from overzealous weight loss, which could affect someone's health.

Malin A.

Wow, I didn't know they did that. That's great!


12/08/2016 2:21PM
  • Hey all!
    I see that it's been awhile since anyone has actually posted statistics on here, so for those of you who came here wondering "what is the average Dietbet payout?" (or if you just like statistics in general), here are my stats from the Kickstarter games I participated in from fall 2015-spring 2016. I'll follow this with Transformer stats!

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Biking Syl

Thanks for sharing, great data!


Thanks for sharing this Anna!


07/18/2016 11:31PM
Hi there! My name is Kristy and I live on Vancouver Island in Canada! Looking forward to getting to know some of you!

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Krista J.

03/02/2016 9:46PM
OK, now I'll starting adding the stats I have for Feb 2016 as I get the results:

Transformer - Jan 1, Round 2 - 2,219 winners each got $19.98. It currently says 4,637 players, which is 114 players less than at the start of the last round (~2.4% dropped this round and 46.7% won). And I think I figured out that actually 98 folks dropped out after round 1 (2%) and the initial # of players was 4,849.

Transformer - Feb 2, Round 1 - 726 winners each got $15.47. I don't know the winners at the start, but there are currently 1164 players, and the pot has dropped $437.50, so I assume 35 people dropped out (or that the starting number was 1199 players (~2.9% dropped this round, and 60.6% won).

Kickstarter - Mission Slim-possible with Jen Widerstrom. 2402 winners each got $44.15 from an initial $30 bet, for a net of 14.15 of 47.2%! That's a win rate of 2402/4632 = 51.9%. (A bit lower than the ones last month...I guess NY's resolutions are fading. But I highly recommend Jen's bets as she was very involved and inspiring!)

Kickstarter - The February Main Event. 104 winners each got $176.54 from an initial $150 bet, for a net of 26.54 or 17.7%. That's a win rate of 104/150 = 69.3%. Supposedly higher stakes games typically have a higher percentage of winners, presumably because people are more committed with that much more money. So a lower % profit, but still a higher net gain than my other games. (Also, these main events require video weigh-i

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Krista J.

02/04/2016 9:43AM
I found looking at Amy Bang's old posts with the stats helpful, so I thought I would try to post the ones for my games, though I'm not totally sure where she found all her info! She also seemed to have a running/overarching tally of averages for things like % of players who win or drop out, whereas I can't really compare. Anyway, here's what I DO know (for Jan 2016):

Transformer - Jan 1, Round 1 - 3,254 winners each got $12.85. It currently says 4,751 players, but I don't know if that number changes over the 6 months as people drop out? She seemed to know how many dropped out and how many won each round, but I don't see where to find that info (as some will be contributing $25 per month and others only about 20.83 if they paid it all upfront)? The pot for round 2 is $1225 less, so I guess 49 people dropped out (~1.03%, if 4751 is the initial # of players...).

Kickstarter - Get Lean 2016 DietBet: Win a trip to Mexico!! 212 winners each got $48.66 from an initial $35 bet, for a net of 13.66, or
39%!. That's a win rate of 212/371 = 57% of players.

Kickstarter - Get Lean in 2016 with Heidi & Chris Powell. 7099 winners each got $38.07 from an initial $30 bet, for a net of 8.07, or 26.9%. That's a win rate of 7,099/11,806 = 60.1% of players.

Kickstarter - Mama Laughlin's Dietbet. 2105 winners each got 45.51 from an initial $35 bet, for a net of 11.51 or 32.9%. That's a win rate of 2105/3656=57.6% of players.


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