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11/04/2020 10:50AM in The WayBetter Transformer - $1000 in Wellness Prizes!
Ugh... a week ago I hit my goal for the month (165) and was hopeful to surpass it by official weigh-in. Yesterday I was back up at 170 and this morning down to 168... WTH? I didn’t backslide on my diet that much. Any advice?

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Lenora W.

This is my frustration as well! Eat foods lower in sodium as a lot of it may be related to fluid retention.


Thanks everyone! I focused on healthy high fiber snacks (celery & apples), meeting my water intake goals, not eating after 7pm and bumped up my exercise routine and hit my goal for this round. Will make more detailed exercise plan that I write down for this next round cuz that’s really my weakest part of this new routine.
Travlinjess has weighed in at 159 pounds, down 4 pounds
10/29/2020 12:05PM in The WayBetter Transformer - $1000 in Wellness Prizes!

now at 81% of their goal

Total weight lost is now 5,703 pounds! Average is 10.2 pounds.

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Christina G.

10/09/2020 1:38PM in The WayBetter Transformer - $1000 in Wellness Prizes!
  • I have been trying intermittent fasting and this plate of food... is 500 calories and makes it impossible to eat anymore. I try to get 1200 cal in a 2 hour window but seems impossible. Anyone have ideas they can share?
    I’m at 178 now but started at 215 about 3 months ago. Now I’m stuck and not losing any weight at all. I walk 12,000 steps a day. I have messed up on purpose for a couple days to try to trick my body by eating more carbs and food to get more calories in and it didn’t work.
    Any ideas welcome... I’m trying to be patient as possible. I have been the same weight for about 3 weeks solid now.

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Try switching up your eating windows. My goal is 16:8 but sometimes I fast for shorter or longer depending on my hunger levels. I’d recommend lifting weights too so you can build muscle.

Elyse G.

You've lost a good amount of weight in 3 months. It's impossible to keep losing that much weight

Caitlin B.

10/06/2020 11:30AM in The WayBetter Transformer - Double Your Winnings!
I need to change things up to get myself re-motivated. I’m thinking about starting LIIFT4. Anyone do this program and have feedback?

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Caitlin B.

Thank you for your input! I’ve started 2 days of LIIFT4 and like it so far. MBF looks really interesting too. I’ll look into ShiftShop as well

Sara O.

I love Liift4!!! I enjoy Joel a lot. I like the flexibility of the program, 4 days a week. I definitely got stronger. I started 10 Rounds, but got suuuper sore and my knee is achy, so I've been taking a break. I may do another round of 21 day fix before going back to start 10 Rounds again. After 10 rounds I want to do MBF
Travlinjess has weighed in at 164.2 pounds
10/06/2020 12:05PM in The WayBetter Transformer - Double Your Winnings!

Total weight lost is now 7,182 pounds! Average is 9.4 pounds.

Genevieve M.

09/12/2020 6:25AM in The WayBetter Transformer - $1000 in Wellness Prizes!
Hi, this is my first dietbet ( 6 months challenge). 2 days ago was the first weight in and I made it. My pictures were ok, my weight was accepted, so I thought I would receive money/points... but still 0 and when I press “ all” to see all the rounds, round 1 is still “ finalizing”... is this normal??
Thanks :)

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Amy H.

You are 100% guaranteed to get your full bet back (every penny) if you hit your goal weight each month. Typically, you will actually come away with a profit due to others missing some goals. (DB takes a percent of the pot, BUT will reduce how much they take to ensure everyone comes out ‘whole’ financially if everyone wins. The only way you can lose money is if you lose a bet. I joined Jan 1st and I LOVE DietBet!



09/02/2020 8:46AM in The WayBetter Transformer - $1000 in Wellness Prizes!
  • Hi, I’m already eating as healthy as possible with a whole food vegan diet for 10 years now, have cut out my daily whole grain chips and salsa but having trouble motivating myself to workout more. We have a treadmill, stationary bike and some weights in our back room set up with a tv and the weather is lovely here. I usually have 3 hours each night to myself after my hubby goes to bed and I envision walking/running on the treadmill each night while watching tv, but finding it difficult to get into the routine, any suggestions?

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Lisa M.

I watch a DVD called walk with Leslie sansone. She has a one mile walk, a two mile walk, a three wall walk, and a four mile walk. I started with the one mile walk which I barely got through... But believe it or not it was really easy. I'm up to four mile walk once a day and a two mile walk twice a day. And I had a huge motivation problem doing it... The tapes helped with the motivation. Pop it in and it starts so easy. It's really just stand up and slowly move your feet up and down... And it builds so it motivates you.

Lisa M.

The other thing is telling yourself you're going to get up just for 60 seconds... or just for 3 minutes... Make yourself get up and give yourself permission to quit. Do that everyday. Once you start moving you don't want to quit. But sometimes it helps you motivate to just say I'm just going to do it and if I can't do it I'm going to quit.


08/22/2020 7:09AM in The WayBetter Transformer - Double Your Winnings!
Does exercising gets easier as you lose weight?

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Reducing weight / fat on the body certainly makes bodyweight exercises easier. Running, push ups, body squats, and many other forms of exercise will feel easier as you shed weight, both in terms of cardio / performance and the impact on your joints. Jumping jacks and most plyometric moves caused discomfort in my knees and hips, so I would modify and only do what felt right for me. BUT, after dropping 25lbs through diet AND exercise, I started flying in these moves with no joint pain following the workouts. But, this also means I can push myself harder and do MORE now. :)

Above all, when it comes to any exercise regimen, it is critical you listen to your body, follow your doctor's advice, and ensure proper form and time for recovery.


I think it does get easier, but in any case you do begin to see exercise as your friend for the way it makes you feel, not to mention how much it helps in shedding extra pounds!! Stick with it and you'll hit your goals and be very proud of yourself!!

Christina G.

08/13/2020 3:37PM in The WayBetter Transformer - $1000 in Wellness Prizes!
Today I was at Target after a 2.7 mile brisk walk in 45 minutes... I was asked by the cashier when my baby is due??? I’m motivated not mad!!!

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This has happened to me on several occasions, due to how and where I carry extra weight. I've even had an elderly lady rub my belly and ask me the gender. I've never been pregnant. Agreed that feeling motivation rather than anger is the best approach, but I always wonder what is going on in these strangers' heads!!! LOL.


What?! Agh. I'm so sorry. Good for you for channelling it into something positive.
Travlinjess has weighed in at 170 pounds, down 3 pounds
08/12/2020 6:05PM in The WayBetter Transformer - Win A $100 Target Gift Card!

now at 99% of their goal

Total weight lost is now 1,768 pounds! Average is 10.3 pounds.

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