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06/19/2020 6:15PM
Hi, thought I'd join a group to see if that helped. This is my 4th Dietbet and I have not been able to win anything yet. Determined this time. I've been using myfitnesspal every day for the last 400+ days and it was a huge help when I lost 20kgs on Fast 800 a year ago. Since then my weight has drifted back on so now I am determined to kick start it back on track. I now use myfitnesspal to not only monitor calories but track my Macro's as I'm a big fan of Low Cab High Fat and you need something to help with daily carb levels.

mrvlag t.

04/09/2020 5:45PM
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Christina H.

12/29/2019 11:06AM
Love MyFitness Pal. I have used this app for years and I love that I can connect Fitbit to this app!!

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Sage H.

10/29/2019 2:54PM
MyFitnessPal has helped me get closer to my lifetime goal, it is the only app that has continued to be used by me, where I don't get bored and forget about it.
Join me on my weight loss journey! It doesn't have to be boring to reach our goals and be our best selves.
Search for Mommy Meltdown under games and let's be the best winners by losing ;-)


10/07/2019 1:35PM
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mark w.

09/19/2019 8:39PM


05/29/2018 2:18PM
Hi all, I started my weightloss journey in 2013, and lost roughly 25 pounds during that time just from tiny changes. This year I started really focusing on getting healthy and making good changes, and have lost 13 pounds since the beginning of March with changing my eating habits and working out. If you need active myfitness peeps to help like or cheer you on, and you'd like someone to cheer on as well, please add me! Tealfoxonfire!

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Angela B.

05/24/2018 2:57AM
Hello everyone, this is my 2nd attempt at DietBet, I tried a Kickstarter before, but was probably too far into my weight loss to have full success with it as the rate of loss was too aggressive for me, so this time I am trying out a Transformer.

I have lost around 40lbs with My Fitness Pal already and have around another 35 to go to my initial goal.

I am very active on MyFitnessPal, I have a 508 day streak as of this morning, I regularly write on their forum and have authored a Most Helpful Post and a number of other useful info-graphics that are regularly shared. If anyone wants to add me my username is Tinkerbellang83

I run a Weekly Weigh In Group (running since Jan 2017) there with monthly reports and tips/chat threads and a C25K group new members are always welcome.

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05/12/2018 9:44AM
Hi guys, I love Myfitnesspal and have it connected with my GearFit2 and LOVE how I can track everything together. I lost about 50 lbs a little over two years ago, but with a move, I went back to old habits and regained plus some. I am back down about 20 lbs and doing the FatGirlFedUp Diet Bets. Finally won a bet, but losing the current one. Not letting that stop me. I am exercising more than ever and eating better so I know I'm back on track!! Feel free to find me on Myfinesspal or Facebook under Frownsatpounds or Instagram and help cheer me on. My goal is to lose at least 100 pounds without medicine or surgery!!

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I'm adding you! it helps me to see others' progress!

Miriam S.

04/24/2018 6:39PM
Hi everyone. I'm hosting a spinning challenge for weight loss. I love spinning and I've seen good results. Join me and let's have fun!

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Was checking out the group and my first name is Miriam also. Must be a good sign! I haven't tried spinning. Doing Zumba and the gym right now.

Miriam S.

I like spinning. It's easy on the knees and if you do uphill, standing spinning and more it gives you a good sweat with a nice long leg muscles that goes great with heels lol. Sadly my challenge got cancelled but planning another one. Maybe steps and spunning ;)