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Favorite Health Food: Protein Waffles

Favorite Sinful Food: Donuts

My Preferred Method of Exercise: Lifting, running

My Approach to Weight Loss: Find something you enjoy doing!

My Weight Loss Program: Weight Watchers

Fitness/Exercise Apps: Map My Fitness, MyFitnessPal

Fitness Devices: FitBit

DietBet Winnings: $284.42


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+2.1% Since last weigh-in+3.3 lbs
+0.8% 1-Month Change+1.3 lbs
-3.2% Lifetime Change-5.3 lbs

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Em and Lukes ma

07/25/2018 3:14PM
Hi Jen- I just joined the fitbit fanatics dietbet (and dietbet too!) today and I am completely lost. where do I locate the Challenge Winner Board for the fitbit fanatics dietbet so I will know what the fitbit goals are? Do i also need to sync my fitbit somehow with dietbet? thanks! Lori

Chana K

07/24/2018 9:08AM
Hey Jen, I just joined your fitbit fanatics' dietbet and saw that some of the challenges are for Saturday - Sunday. Being an Orthodox Jew, I can't wear my fitbit on Friday nights and Saturdays. Would I still be able to somehow participate in the challenges? (Maybe Sun-Mon for the weekend challenges? and for the 10,000 steps a day, can I maybe do 11,700 steps on all the other days?)

Megan B.

02/13/2018 11:26AM
Hey, I'm going to be traveling during our final weigh in. Is it possible for me to weigh in a day or so early?

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Conny C.

12/27/2017 8:05AM
Hello Jen, love your games! Are you planning on a game mid of January? ????????????

DietBet Jen

Hi Conny! The one I am currently hosting does not end until January 21. So the next one wouldn't be until the week of January 29 most likely.


05/07/2017 8:26AM
Jen, when will your next hosted game begin? I'm hoping to start one that will end around the 14 of June or end of June (when I'll be home) and you're my favorite host! I hope you'll start a new game! - Becky

DietBet Jen

Hi Becky - the next one will start likely on May 30 (week after current one ends). If it starts on May 30, it will end on June 26 with final weigh ins on June 27 & 28. Hope that works for you! And thank you for the compliment!

Doha C.

10/22/2016 12:49AM
Thanks game have enjoyed it so much

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Doha C.

10/03/2016 1:29PM
Thanks for keeping us motivated . you are a great host

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05/26/2016 6:20AM

Patricia K.

05/03/2016 12:40PM
I am new to diet bet, how do I post things or record steps etc. very confused and frustrated

DietBet Jen

By post things, what do you mean? There's no need to record steps unless you win one of the challenges. Then you just send it to me when I reach out to you as the winner. You can connect your device by going to your Profile > Connections. Email me at Jen@waybetter.com if you have more questions. I don't want you to be confused or frustrated. I want you to be happy and moving! :-)