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01/25/2022 7:01AM in Fitbit Fanatics' Commit to Lose in '22
  • January 25

    I have really been making a concerted effort to incorporate more veggies into my diet. To do so, I've searched for new recipes to help jazz them up so I'm more inclined to keep eating them.

    I thought I would highlight a few of the newer ones I've tried recently. And encourage you to share some of your favorite ways to eat your favorite veggie to give us all new ideas.


    From the Very Well Fit site, here are some stats on this veggie.
    Cauliflower is a starchy vegetable, but it's non-starchy, complex kind. It has lots of fiber and low amounts of natural sugar. And it can be a great substitute for other starchy foods like rice. Click on the link to read more: https://www.verywellfit.com/cauliflower-nutrition-facts-calories-and-health-benefits-4115070

    I've never been a big fan, to be honest. However, I have found that eating cauliflower rice is an easy way to get in this nutritious vegetable. Rather than make my own cauliflower rice, I buy it pre-packaged. One of my favorites is the Trader Joe's Mexican cauliflower rice. It has a nice kick to it, and it's great as a side for taco night.

    If I'm cutting up a head of cauliflower, this recipe is a family favorite. When I made it last week, my 11 year old daughter even said, "Oh yummy, we're having cauliflower!" Try this recipe for roasted cauliflower that uses curry powder. I'm not a big fan of curry, but love this recipe. So definitely recommend giving it a try!


    Do you have any favorite ways to make/eat cauliflower?

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Valerie D.

I use frozen riced cauliflower for a sub for rice or mashed potatoes. Love it and roasted too. I’m not a fan of curry either but I’ll try your recipe


12/23/2021 6:58AM in Fitbit Fanatics' Commit to Lose in '22

**Challenge Winner Board**

There are step challenges every Wednesday and every weekend. Prize for each challenge is the winner’s choice of either a $20 Amazon gift card, or $20 in DietBet credits except Challenge #1. The prize for Challenge #1 is worth $25.

Please read the comments on this post for more details on how step challenges work.

Challenge #1
January 17 – February 13:  Minimum of 10,000 steps ever day
Challenge #2
January 19:  Goal (or 7 day average) + 250 extra steps (minimum)
Winner: Mary C (User ID: 144152)
Challenge #3
January 22 – 23:  17,000 steps (combined, minimum)
Winner: LizzyBird (User ID: 404498)
Challenge #4
January 26: Goal (or 7 day average) + 500 extra steps (minimum)
Challenge #5
January 29 – 30:  18,000 steps (combined, minimum)
Challenge #6
February 2:  Goal (or 7 day average) + 750 extra steps (minimum)
Challenge #7
February 5 – 6:  19,000 steps (combined, minimum)
Challenge #8
February 9: Goal (or 7 day average) + 1,000 extra steps (minimum)
Challenge #9
February 12 – 13:  20,000 steps (combined, minimum)

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Karisa H.

Congrats, Mary C!

Martin P.

  • My best Sunday almost 20k step and for all the week I did 69204 step


01/24/2022 10:44PM in Bring Out The True You In 2022
  • Okay so I am just getting back from a insanity-fun-fest ski weekend with LOTS of snacks. Cookies, Chex mix, kid snacks, grandma okay-ing pepperoni, more cookies, etc….sheesh it was overwhelming even tho I ate a ton of veggies & beans.

    Anyway, I am starting a sort of refresh tomorrow:

    Breakfast: shakeo + apple + water
    Snack: fiber sweep
    Lunch: vanilla fresh + veggies + hummus
    Snack: cauliflower + hummus
    Supper: vanilla fresh + veggies + hummus/avo

    Bring it on!!!

    Oh yes, and my usual vitamin D, C, and Zinc.

    It was a beautiful relaxing ski weekend & I am excited to get back on track.

    Hope everyone else is doing well!!! Follow me if you need some motivation…I feel like that is so so normal.????❤😊💕

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I was skiing this weekend, too. And while I did prep a lot of food for breakfast/lunch/dinner/snacks to help keep on track, I am hitting the ground running today.
Jennifer P. accepted the challenge.
01/24/2022 9:45AM in Fitbit Fanatics' Commit to Lose in '22
The pot is now $2,130

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Welcome Jennifer!


01/23/2022 10:00PM in Fitbit Fanatics' Commit to Lose in '22
**January 22 - 23 Challenge Check In**

If you logged a minimum of 17,000 combined between Saturday and Sunday, then comment on this post.

From those who comment, I will select a winner at random. I will email this person (using the email address associated with his/her DietBet account). ONLY this person will need to provide verification of his/her steps in order to claim the prize. (*Please do not post pictures when you comment.)

This person will have 24 hours to reply with verification. If I don't hear back by then, the prize is forfeited. And a new winner will be chosen. The winner will be a choice between either DietBet credits (Credits may be used towards the bet payment of either a DietBet, WayBet or StepBet and are awarded immediately.), or an Amazon gift card (These are sent once all step challenge winners are identified after the DietBet ends.).

If you comment on this post, please be sure to check your email after the check in period ends!

You have until 9:30 am EST on January 25 to comment. After that, a winner will be chosen.

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Yay! 19496 on vacation.

Andrea B.

Did it!!

Angela P.

01/23/2022 4:34AM in Fitbit Fanatics' Commit to Lose in '22
Good Morning! Happy Sunday! Getting back into the new year with Dietbet! Anyone have a Fitbit and wanna be friends?? Mine arrives Tuesday… going back to something simple…

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Angela P.

Jen L I missed spelled my email it’s lol. mrskato1021@gmail.com


Mrs. Kato - hi!!
Angela P. accepted the challenge.
01/23/2022 4:30AM in Fitbit Fanatics' Commit to Lose in '22
The pot is now $2,100

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How lovely to see you! Hope you're doing well!

Angela P.

Hello, I am ...I missed these challenges, so glad to see your still doing them :) Hope you're well too!


01/22/2022 7:11AM in Fitbit Fanatics' Commit to Lose in '22


PSA - if you comment on a Check In post, don’t forget to check your email. I’m still looking for a winner from Wednesday so there will be a delay in making a winner. Just a heads up.

On to the weekend - for this weekend, the target is to get a minimum of 17,000 steps combined between the two days. If you do that, then don’t forget to comment on the Check In post on Monday.

Who plans on crushing the step challenge?

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Karisa H.

Thank you for these step challenges! 10k scares me since I'm just starting to be active again, so I appreciate you letting us use our personal goals. Last week was 7k, this week I've bumped it up to 8k! :grin:


Crushed it yesterday!


01/21/2022 7:00AM in Fitbit Fanatics' Commit to Lose in '22
It’s Friday and we are heading into the weekend.

Make an intention of what you want to accomplish this weekend.

Do you want to forget you’re trying to lose weight? Do you want to start over on Monday?


Do you want to plan and treat the weekend as if it were a Monday? You’ll find success in long term consistency.

Be mindful.
Plan ahead.
Repeat, “I will do this!”

What’s your plan for the weekend?

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I’m going out of town for the weekend on a ski trip. I prepped food to eat while there that will help me stay on point.

Valerie D.

I'm traveling too on Sunday/Monday. Packing my food with me and going to try to make the step challenge (but 6 hrs in the car on Sunday will make it tough! This is a life style change, not a one & done! Monday is just another day; One day at a time!

Jeffrey C.

01/20/2022 8:55PM in Fitbit Fanatics' Commit to Lose in '22
Well just got finished with a 6 month dietbet and did not make it to my 208.6 goal. I am starting out here at 220.1 with a goal of 211.3.

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Sorry to hear that, but am glad you’re here!
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