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Hey ladies-- I'm super competitive and I need SOME kind of motivation.. Let's kick off 2015 with a bang!! Let's go!! #noexcuses

Quick Facts

Favorite Health Food: sweet potato

My Preferred Method of Exercise: Short HIGH intensity workouts

My Approach to Weight Loss: real whole food, eating every 3-4 hours

Fitness/Exercise Apps: I don't use any apps

DietBet Winnings: $59.32


Coach Level

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TIME PERIOD: All 60-Days 30-Days
Unofficial Weigh-InVerified Weigh-InDietBet Runner-UpDietBet WinnerRound WinnerRound Runner-Up
-0.4% Since last weigh-in-0.5 lbs
-0.4% 1-Month Change-0.5 lbs
-7.5% Lifetime Change-11 lbs

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05/14/2013 12:21PM
Still three weeks to go and I'm already hoping we have another game right after this one! This has been the best motivation! My friends are so impressed by it that they said they want to join if we do another one!

The Sweaty Betties

really??! I was thinking ppl might get tired of it... hmmmm Ok I'm thinking about it!


Over here it's been contagious! My friends are cutting down on portions and cleaning up their eating. I think they're "practicing" for the next DietBet. :-)


05/05/2013 8:35AM
Round 2..you got this!

Heather Danger

05/05/2013 6:43AM
Way to go on the .1 win! You did it!!


05/03/2013 8:17PM
If you're gonna get up another game in June, may I ask that it be done before May 25th and possibly have a weigh-in date of June 8-9? This would help me out a bunch so I don't have to wander off to another game. Just saying. I like this motivated group of people here.

The Sweaty Betties

Aw thanks Rob... not 100% sure I'll do a third game yet... we'll see how many people come back for this one!


04/11/2013 4:43PM
Congratulations on the MVP award!

Rhonda Oakley

04/05/2013 6:31AM
HELP....I joined the game, received my password for weighing in but every time I go to the game page to "weigh-in" and upload my pictures, a box pops up that I need to join the game....what am I doing wrong?

The Sweaty Betties

Rhonda please click on "support" or email angela@dietbet.com and don't stress, they still allow entried for another week ;)

Angie Marie

04/04/2013 10:28AM
Hi, is this only for women? I'm coming off my second dietbet which I won both! Does the doubledown work for everyone? If eight of us came over from another bet? Thanks! -Angie

The Sweaty Betties

its for anyone and all y'all are welcome :) we even have a FB support group if you want. and I'm not sure how the doubledown works but thats how it sounds to me

Hosanna S.

04/02/2013 11:51AM
Is this challenge open to anyone?
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Hosanna S.

I'm super excited!


It's already huge! Lol this is just awesome!


04/01/2013 2:18PM
Let's do this!!