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03/20/2018 4:45PM

Shelley H.

06/22/2013 8:57AM
It gets way easier. The cravings really go away if you are eating enough veggies and sufficient protein. Then you will feel way better overall.

Ingrid V.

Yes am eating plenty of protein and veggies and healthy fats !!! Thanks for your advice I will stick with it :)

Paulina P.

06/12/2013 5:09AM
Fruit have lots of carbs. Better go for vegetables and some protein (chicken maybe?). And don't worry - one meal won't destroy your diet! :)

Jen T.

06/08/2013 3:31AM
I saw your post and know exactly what you mean! It may be because your body needs more energy from working out harder, but it also could be that psychologically after you've worked hard being good all day your threshold for discipline gets met by the end of the day when you're physically an emotionally tired and more vulnerable to temptation. :) Hang in there!!! You're a strong mama for doing this!!

Ingrid V.

Thanks Jen , today I made sure I filled up with good carbs and lean proteins and feel so much better for it :)

Jen T.

Awesome! :)

Suz UK

06/02/2013 12:07AM
Yes! Joined this for the first time and it feels good to be focused after a long time. Have you done this before?

Ingrid V.

Yes this is my 4th one , its a great way to lose weight and get support and making a little bit of money at the same time!!! At the moment I'm doing 3 at once I tend to stick to my diet better when the stakes are higher!!! Good luck it's a great feeling when you win xxx


05/15/2013 7:22AM
Come on lady, you got this - each day take a step towards your success. Today make sure you drink 2l water and keep doing so every day until the end of the bet. Tomorrow start keeping an accurate food diary and keep doing so. Small changes over lots of days can make a huge difference :) Got everything crossed for you. x


05/14/2013 5:00AM
Ingriiiid, we can do this lady! :D x

Ingrid V.

Juliette am not doing well at all my first week was a disaster then my second week was my time of the month so I ate for England!!! am now trying to get back on track but I've got loads to lose cant see it happening,best I can hope for is getting back on track and start losing again I would still be happy with that !!! I will give it my all anyway x

Angie G.

05/08/2013 11:39AM
I'm with you! We can do this.

Ingrid V. likes this message.


04/27/2013 6:14AM
Hello :D I found your support really useful in the last days, thanks! If you fancy keeping in touch, feel free to add me on Facebook:

Good luck with the rest of your journey! x

Kim A.

04/27/2013 6:07AM

I would like you to friend me on facebook to stay in touch on our weight loss journeys.....are you doing another game?
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