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My Approach to Weight Loss: Little by little a little becomes a lot.

My Weight Loss Program: Weight Watchers

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04/12/2018 3:28AM

02/27/2018 4:51PM

Jaime K.

12/03/2013 2:00PM
HI Juliette! Just wanted to check in and see how you are doing! I haven't seen you in the group in a while, and I see you haven't updated here in a bit. Hope all is going well!! Thinking about you!!


08/30/2013 2:52PM
Love the new profile pic, I almost didn't recognize you! Glad to see we are in yet another game together. :-)

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So pleased to see you in the 'big' game :)


I'm pleased to see you there as well. Your before and in progress pic is amazing! You have come a long way. Congrats! I hope I can get results like that someday. :-)


08/28/2013 3:09PM
Juliette...just to let you know, I just changed the date of my Fatty No More game so it starts the same day as this one, Tues, Sept. 3.

Admin just changed their rules today - now we can play in 3 other (28 day) Diet Bet games in addition to this one.

I love getting paid multiple times for the same effort.

Here's the link again.

Have an amazing day!


08/27/2013 5:19PM
I started my weight loss journey at 219 lbs on Jan. 6 and am hoping to get down to 125 lbs by the end of the 6 month bet, so I'm definitely right in there with you. I know the last 35 lbs is going to be the most difficult of all to lose. We need to definitely keep cheering each other on. FYI - I changed the date of my $20 Diet Bet, Fatty No More, to start on Sept. 3, same day as the 6 month Beta game.


08/27/2013 4:10PM
Thanks Juliette! Pretty excited about this :)

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08/27/2013 3:30PM
Thanks Juliette! We totally got this :)

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Jaime K.

08/27/2013 11:04AM
Thanks for the words of encouragement. This is my third diet bet. I've failed my first two, so I'm really hoping I can make this one stick! Looking forward to cheering you on, as your weight goals are similar to mine!

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08/26/2013 2:01PM
Hey Juliette, great to be doing the new 6 month Beta Testing Diet Bet with you! Congrats on your recent weight loss! Whoo hoo!

We'd still love to have you with us in Fatty No More. Even though the game hasn't even started, everyone's sharing like crazy. They're a dedicated, passionate group who are really committed to achieving their weight loss goals. I like your upbeat perky attitude - you would fit right in!

FYI - The last diet bet I hosted 90% ended making their weight loss goal. Here's the link again for you to check it out! http://www.dietbetter.com/games/19012
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