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Favorite Health Food: Salad

Favorite Sinful Food: Pizza

My Preferred Method of Exercise: Running

My Weight Loss Program: I don't follow a program

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Referee Maureen

about 12 hours ago in The WayBetter Kickstarter
  • How's everyone doing this first week? Are you sticking to your meal plans and making time for exercise? I'm in Florida so my form of exercise is pretty much always outside. For those of you that live in areas where it's very cold and snowy, how are you getting in your exercise?

    Here's a shot from this mornings run -

Sansa Fluttershy

  • My exercise is not outside 😂

Erika L.

12/02/2019 10:11AM in The WayBetter Kickstarter
Sorry I didn't really introduce myself. My name is Erika and I'm fifty years old. My goals at this point are to meet the four percent challenge at least and to work out at least three times per week. In addition I will be doing some intermittent fasting and also do a little time with what is called The Virgin Diet. It's actually an Elimination Diet, but I lost more weight on it then even the Adkins when I tried it. It is however a bit difficult to stick with for long periods.

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Referee Maureen

Welcome, Erika! Sounds like you have a solid plan!

Erika L.

12/02/2019 10:06AM in The WayBetter Kickstarter
Hi everyone! Thought I'd find out if anyone lives near me so that we could support each other if so. I live outside of Walla Walla Washington. Any takers? Good luck to all of us!

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Referee Maureen

I live in Florida so that's a bit of a hike for me but we can support each other virtually!

Referee Maureen

12/02/2019 5:00AM in The WayBetter Kickstarter
  • Happy Monday and welcome everyone! Let the game begin!

    Please introduce yourself if you haven't already and share some of the goals that you’ve set going into this challenge. Remember, your goals should be attainable! We want them to be challenging, but don’t make them so difficult that you can’t achieve them.

    Just a few of my goals are:
    • Be consistent in planning my meals. That is the key to sticking to a healthy diet.
    • Workout for 6 days
    • Eat earlier.
    • Get more sleep

    Your turn!

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Norma W.

Hello my name is Norma and this is my third Dietbet. I won the first two by sticking to my diet most of the time. It definitely can be done. My goal is to reverse the weight gain which results in high blood pressure, high cholesterol, etc. I’m getting older and I don’t desire having to take more medication. I also don’t like the way I look in the mirror. So remember that what you eat is the most important thing! I had enough and this train is in reverse!

Referee Maureen

Welcome, Norma! I love your positive attitude and thank you for reminding us of some of the health benefits of living a healthy lifestyle.

Brent S.

12/02/2019 2:50AM in The WayBetter Kickstarter
I'm the most I've ever weighed!! I'm excited to finally get going on this and lose some weight!

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Referee Maureen

Welcome, Brent!

Cheryl M.

12/01/2019 6:37PM in The WayBetter Kickstarter
Ok, ready to plan my meals, drink lots of water, and get those steps in. We can do this!

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Referee Maureen

Welcome, Cheryl!

Referee Maureen

12/01/2019 5:15AM in The WayBetter Kickstarter
  • The game begins tomorrow! You have all day to prepare for a successful week if you haven't already done so! Meal planning is one of the most important tasks when it comes to weight loss and maintaining.

    If you haven't started on this, figure out what you'll be eating and have the ingredients on hand. There is no reason to go out or choose something unhealthy if you have a plan.

    I have my list ready and will be heading to the grocery store this afternoon and will have everything ready for the week.

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nancy s.

11/30/2019 3:09PM in The WayBetter Kickstarter
And the starting weighin for this bet will be a perfect example of why i should have gone right into another dietbet when my last one ended a month ago. Should have kept up the momentum was hugely successful but have basically eaten and done nothing november. Live and learn

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Referee Maureen

I agree with Elizabeth! You're right back on track now -good for you!

nancy s.

Start wt verified. So sad that my goal weight is 1 pound heavier than my last dietbet final wt. Remind me in a month to keep going lol

Referee Maureen

11/27/2019 8:04AM in The WayBetter Kickstarter
  • Hello and welcome to the December game! I am so excited to be hosting a game through the holidays! This will force me to remain disciplined in my eating and fitness routine and with all the treats around, I'm going to need it! Let's keep it a healthy holiday!

    A little about me: I live on the east coast of Florida with my husband and two dogs and love everything outdoors! I teach a fitness bootcamp class and I love running!

    Please introduce yourself and tells us where you're from! Oh, and invite your friends to the game - the more the merrier!

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Referee Maureen

11/27/2019 7:53AM in The WayBetter Kickstarter

The game has finalized! As a team, we lost a total of 468.1 lbs. and the return was 50.11. Thank you, everyone, for joining me in this game! 

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