Nicole H.

One of my personalities is a skinny girl, and she’s pissed the rest of the personalities made her gain 60 pounds.

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Favorite Health Food: Sashimi

Favorite Sinful Food: The entire box of cookies

My Preferred Method of Exercise: Walking and hiking with my dog.

My Approach to Weight Loss: Counting calories, meal planning, and commitment to daily exercise.

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Donna T

01/25/2023 4:17AM in Mega Kickstarter
I’m in a funk! 😩 my diet has been good but my activity and exercise has been awful. The weather, work, family… I feel awful. Any advice?

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Nicole H.

Commit to a 10 minute walk. If you can’t do that, commit to a 5 minute walk. Once you’re walking, if you feel like going further go further. If you need quality time with the couch, keep some 2-5 lb weights by/on (sometimes you need them that close!) the couch. Practice some arm exercises. If you can handle it, periodically switch to a yoga channel (I like Amazon Prime’s Lindsay Samper) and try a few minutes or a 15-m episode. Also it’s ok to take a day off!!

Funks are truly part of the weight loss process. You’re not just fighting lifestyle change, for me personally it’s fighting my hormonal fluctuations throughout the month, binge eating patterns, stress, anxiety, childhood norms, and my “close enough” contentment with my current weight I rollercoaster to and from. I think recognizing your funk patterns is important, and make a plan to get back on track and not let the funk win!!

Maria A.

Be kind to yourself. When I beat myself up I feel like I have less energy, not more. Also, remember breaking the inertia is what takes the most energy. I find that dancing is fun to do. There are apps with seating down cardio you can do while watching a show you like. There are five minute workouts on YouTube. Just try to pair exercise with something you find joy in and reward yourself afterwards (with a long hot shower, with a dose of sweet smelling body oil or lotion, with a tea you love, or a podcast you enjoy...). Let us know how you're doing!