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11/24/2020 11:21AM in Be Well Transformer - Win A Staycation Package!
Hi I've been asked if I could share my covid symptoms from the last week.
Day 1 evening I had a cough that was persistent for a few hours and then disappeared
Day 2 temperature (never got to 38degrees but was 1degree hotter than my ushual) body weakness and a painful feeling all over my skin. Slight cough and raised resting heart rate
Day 3 4 5 6
Positive test result on day 3 . Temperature broke on day 3 but I developed a very blocked nose that bled when itried to blow it. Also had a ridiculous amount of sneezing . On day 5 I lost my taste and smell. Hr still very raised. Cough mild . Had more energy but still got very tired after my 30min treadmil walk . Still getting random body aches.
Day 7 and 8 (today)
Smell and taste have returned . Still have a slight cough and I'm blocked up but no bleeding . Hr more normal.

Throughout I have been taking extra vitamin c with zinc along with my multi vitamin for immunity and also extra vitamin d
My blood oxygen has remained steady at 97-99% throughout - I would recommend getting one of these metres and keeping it with your thermometer. Use it to see what your normal oxygen levels are so you have a point of reference. Having that data handy if you do get covid can help keep you calm and also may prevent a trip to the hospital for no reason.
I also made sure to sleep sitting up to ensure my lungs remained open at all times even though I never had problems breathing .

Overall I feel ok but a bit frail. I won't be getting back into exercise for a good few weeks to ensure my body is fully healed.

Any other things you'd like to ask please feel free! :) Stay safe and have a lovely holiday those of you in the USA

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Kelly S.

Happy to hear you are improving and thanks for sharing! It’s nice to hear real stories vs only hearing the worse cases on media

Bel C

I'm going to add my covid symptoms if it's okay, since they differ from O.P's.
I started off just exhausted. No energy. By body ached and I had chills. Never had a fever. Never had a cough. I napped 3 times a day for 4 days because I was just so tired. Day 5 I had a bit more energy, but found myself having to stop and catch my breath often like I was 90yo. It took about a month for that to get better. The sense of smell took 3 months to return.
This is a yucky sickness. Sorry for anyone who gets it :pensive:


11/22/2020 6:39PM in Be Well Transformer - Win A Staycation Package!
I have covid so keeping the weight off is even easier atm. Day symptoms are far from textbook but not very bad ...hoping they stay that way!

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Hoping you have a mild case!


Are you happy to share your symptoms?


10/20/2020 2:35PM in Be Well Transformer - Win A Staycation Package!
Got down to 188 goal is 193 and I'm sitting at 192 at the end of the day. Holding onto a bit of water weight so will be doing some more intense exercises for the next few days to get that sweat on (been going slow as I hurt my back )

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Have you tried sitting in a sauna for a bit?


Sorry to hear about your back. : ( Ice is going to be your best friend. Take it easy. Make an appointment with your doctor or a chiropractor, if it doesn't get any better. Watch your sodium intake, if you're trying to stay at goal or below goal.


10/19/2020 2:59PM in Be Well Transformer - Win A Staycation Package!
  • Taking a few days break then just doing my own thing after finishing 75hard before moving to phase2. Sorting myself out for end of November. Dec and new years with a cheeky winter runbet - what is everyone doing to keep themselves going as it goes into holiday season and starts getting cold ?????

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Catherine F.

What is cold?? I’m still dying of heat anytime I dare an outdoor run. Florida life... hot and humid as all heck, lol.

Katherine S.

10/19/2020 2:03AM in Be Well Transformer - Win A Staycation Package!
There is no way I’m going to make this goal.

I’m not sure what has happened but I seem to have completely stalled.

I feel like I’m being good but the weight isn’t moving :(

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You might get a woosh. My eating has been great and I've been losing like .2 or .4 a week. This week I ate the same as always and lost 3.4. our bodies are weird and mean. :joy:


Hang in there! It's ok if you miss only one round. Also, like Jen said, you might suddenly see the results. My weight has been all over the place in the last 4 years, and it has happened several times - the stall/plateau, then sudden drop.


10/18/2020 3:52PM in Be Well Transformer - Win A Staycation Package!
  • So close to the end . Have a great week everyone . Weigh in in 5days WE CAN ALL DO THIS

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Yes, we can! :muscle: Thank you . . . hope you did too! :grinning:


So close. Let’s keep it up. :blush:


10/09/2020 3:21PM in Be Well Transformer - Win A Staycation Package!
  • All a small!

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Amanda E.

10/06/2020 10:52AM in Be Well Transformer - Win A Staycation Package!
  • Breakfast is by far my favorite food to eat and make. Eggs, cheese, sour cream, salsa, red potato, zucchini and spinach.

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Wow! :-9 You should become a home chef. Check out the new app called Woodspoon. You can order home-cooked meals prepared by out-of-work chefs and other folks (like you) who may not cook in a professional kitchen but are nonetheless talented home cooks looking to make a bit of cash.


That looks great!

Bel C

10/06/2020 9:40AM in Be Well Transformer - Win A Staycation Package!
Downside to all this weight loss.... My favorite clothes are fitting a little too big 😳

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  • This is my downside


Try but I do like Catherine’s bright side. :grin:


10/05/2020 6:25PM in Be Well Transformer - Win A Staycation Package!
Less than a month left of 75hard!!!!! That's insane to me but I'm gonna be so proud. The rest of the week involves making sure I have enough food prepped for the next 3weeks plus extra for the week holiday I'll have. I will allow myself to eat off plan but in a calm and controlled manner . Some foods I will still beavoiding as I've established they are trigger foods. RIP crisps(chips to the us folk) and Ritz crackers. Also have a deep tissue massage booked for the afternoon that 75hard ends and I CANNOT WAIT. How safe some non food related ways you guys are rewarding yourselves through our journey????

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Jessica K.

Your motivation and commitment is inspiring! Not food related rewards: shoes, purses, pedi/mani, tattoos, books, oddities

Katie S.

After I finished the last DietBet I rewarded myself with a standup desk. I’ve wanted one for years so it is a great treat to myself.
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