To feel my best every day.

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Favorite Health Food: Avocados and mushrooms.

Favorite Sinful Food: Fresh made tortillas.

My Preferred Method of Exercise: Walking and Jillian Michael's workouts.

My Approach to Weight Loss: A WFPB diet and moving as much as I can.

My Weight Loss Program: Whole Foods plant based diet

My Diet Plan: Vegan Diet

Fitness/Exercise Apps: RunKeeper, MyFitnessPal

Fitness Devices: I don't use a device

DietBet Winnings: $264.82

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Jillian Michaels

10/28/2020 1:29PM in Jillian Michaels Fall DietBet
Hey team, we made it! I am so proud of you. Bravo for rocking this challenge. You worked hard, you stuck with it. I look forward to seeing you for another challenge in 2021. !! :)

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Karen H.

Had 1lb to go....today I’m down 3lbs!

Well done all x

Maria B.

Thank you Jillian. I went ahead and joined another game. Last time I didn't think I could do it but this time I feel I can go the extra mile. Thank you again and this time I will be more active in your workout app. I did do a lot of steps though while working!


10/31/2020 7:51PM in Jillian Michaels Fall DietBet
Paid $70 for 2 games and got $113. Pretty excited about that and glad I decided to do two at once!

Vanita S. , Audrey in FL and like this comment.


10/31/2020 4:59AM in Jillian Michaels Fall DietBet
Two days after the weigh in and I’m the same weight still. Almost more proud of that than I am for winning! 😁

Emily Sue , Lisa H. and like this comment.


Oh yes, Halloween candy is getting to me


Thankfully I’m not too big on sugar. Trader Joe’s sells a chocolate hummus that’s amazing and I’m content with a tablespoon of that when I’m craving something sweet.

Paula S.

10/30/2020 8:14AM in Jillian Michaels Fall DietBet
My first diet bet and I was successful! I was disappointed though. I expected more support from Jillian. Perhaps I will try a different host in the future.

Danae M. , Tina J. and like this comment.

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Megan Davies had one that just ended as well and she was amazing!! She’s doing another one Jan 11


Follow her on Instagram! She has great videos!!


10/29/2020 9:12AM in Jillian Michaels Fall DietBet
  • Wish they could verify sooner so that I could buy this and have a scoop. I have been craving some butter pecan for a week now. Usually I am always way under my target goal. But this time I am just 0.2lbs under my target because of my unexpected bloat. So I need to wait!!

Lisa D. , Tina J. and like this photo.

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sara a.

I felt the same way! I just got mine 5 hours after submitting. Enjoy the ice cream!

Karen M.

Buy it so you can eat ASAP! :joy:


10/29/2020 8:27AM in Jillian Michaels Fall DietBet
  • Came in under goal by 1.5 pounds! I’m so ecstatic that I’m officially half way to my ultimate weight loss goal! It’s taken me since may to get this far but I’m hoping to be there by late January so here’s to keeping the dedication, discipline and sacrifice going until then!

VeggieVal , Tina J. and like this photo.


10/29/2020 7:18AM in Jillian Michaels Fall DietBet
How long does it usually take to find out if your photos were approved???

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Nate Dawg

I'm still waiting on mine


Still waiting as well and it’s been 4 hours.

diana e.

10/29/2020 7:12AM in Jillian Michaels Fall DietBet
  • I hit my goal and submitted it this morning it was approved but I didn't receive a message that I won I am confused do I need to resubmit
    another weigh in

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  • This is what it should look like until you get an email saying your weight has been accepted/approved. The bottom 2 are the DietBets I finished a few days ago. It usually takes a few hours for it to go from “verifying” to “You Won! Congratulations, though! You made your goal! 😊

Nate Dawg

I'm in the same boat. They have a crap ton of weigh-ins to verify so it's probably just taking them longer.


10/28/2020 7:42PM in Jillian Michaels Fall DietBet
  • Just got confirmation that I won an extra $20 from another bet I was in and I’m on track to win this one in the morning! So happy I doubled up for the extra motivation. Here to the last 12 lbs coming off before my 45th birthday in a few months. May just be one of the best birthday gifts ever and this sweet girl is by my side helping everyday. ❤ congratulations to everyone who made positive changes to their health and well being. This doesn’t end tomorrow. As Jillian always says, remember your why.

Corrine W. , Binky and like this photo.

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Lisa P.

Congratulations :confetti_ball:


Congrats. Your dog is beautiful :heart_eyes:

Ana B.

10/28/2020 5:17PM in Fall into Fitness with Megan Davies
Oh wow!! So that's $55.42 for winners and like $30k for DietBet? I didn't know it cost tat much to run this application and whatever that entails!! Yikes!!

Congratulations everyone!!

Raquel M. , Tanya H. and like this comment.

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Mirjam T

58% roi in only 4 weeks is pretty darn good in my book

Erin L.

Dietbet has never claimed to be a non profit organization. Everyone joins a game of their own free will and has an equal opportunity to read the rules prior to joining as offered on website to all ......
Just saying... i have played 6 games, won 3 and lost 3
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