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Favorite Health Food: my Isagenix Shake! (Chocolate/PB/banana)

Favorite Sinful Food: salt, fat... bring it ON!

My Preferred Method of Exercise: swim, bike, paddle, snow sports, weights

My Approach to Weight Loss: healthy whole foods + my Isagenix daily!

DietBet Winnings: $79.13

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11/21/2012 6:21AM
Great job! Thanks for the cheer yesterday!

Alan P.

Hey, great job to you too!
(100%... I like your chances of winning!)
Are you a Zumba instructor, salsaboo, or is that a form of exercise you use?


11/21/2012 5:47AM
Oh, I'm in NYC. Near center all park off 72 west side. I like to do interval sprints ( that's what I call them cause I'm slow) in the park. If you need a riding buddy on the weekend. ;)

Alan P.

Actually, I have a pal from NYC coming to visit with me this weekend (I'm a few hours north of Toronto, Canada). And, I am ON to prepare her US Thanksgiving celebrations dinner! (we celebrated ours here, last month, of course). Some GREAT healthy TG dinner ideas here:, the publisher, Jason Jacobs is actually in our dietbet.
I was really impressed, Antonius with the AMAZING support (and information) you provided to SO many people throughout this challenge. That's a lot of what I do in my coaching and I'd love to show you more about that. I think you'd be GREAT at it!
I've added a couple of links to the personal statment in my profile. Take a peek and if you'd like to learn more, my direct contact information is there too.
I see you have another 18 lbs remaining to reach your own targets. Let's stay in touch. You seem like a pretty decent guy.


11/21/2012 5:45AM
Thanks Alan. Didn't see you much, I'm sure I would have pestered you!!! ;)


11/18/2012 5:48PM
Thank you!! I haven't had a chance to look at the link but I will tonight. I appreciate your help, thanks! :)

Alan P.

You are most welcome!


11/18/2012 6:55AM
Hello :) yes, I've been on the SC for about 2 months but this month of the dietbet, about two and half weeks ago, unfortunately, I got diagnosed with hypothyroid and put on a medicine called Synthroid. The side effects are aweful, I gained 7 pounds in two weeks that's why I'm not going to win this thing but yesterday I started a new one that's natural, Nature-Throid, that doesn't have this side effect :) I already feel better and I'm going to keep going! By the way, not eating has never been a problem, I actually eat a lot that's why SCD has worked for me cause I could eat lots as long as its the good stuff! Thanks for your concern and my best wishes to you!!

Alan P.

Hey Adriana, thanks for sharing! And, good for you to choose the more natural solution for your current condition. Lots of luck with that.
I'm sure you've learned a great deal about Hypothyroidism since having been diagnosed. Let me add this to your on line resources:
I've been coaching participants with these Programs for many years. If you think I can be of any assistance to you, I'd be more than willing to help.
(worry not, there is no cost to you for my coaching or assessments)
You can reach me directly at if you're interested in learning more.