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Sarah L.

08/19/2020 6:07PM in The WayBetter Transformer - Win A Grill!
Just had some back to back weekend trips this month, ate like crap and stopped working out. I gained 4lbs, but was RIGHT on the dot of my weigh in goal this month! I was lucky this time, now to get back on the wagon! 😅

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Sarah L. accepted the challenge.
08/06/2020 5:26AM in The WayBetter Kickstarter - $500 Pot Bonus!
The pot is now $535

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Jenn and Kandice

08/04/2020 10:48PM in $200+ IN BONUS PRIZES! AUGUST KICKSTARTER!

Our game has officially started! Here's the list of the first 10 players to sign up for this game. If your name is on the list, please leave a comment below including your email address so I can email you your $10 Amazon gift card, or email me at jkdietbet@gmail.com including your game name so I can email you back your gift card. Thanks guys!

Top 10 early sign-up bonus winners:

1. Stefanie B.
2. Sarah L.
3. Kit
4. Christina K.
5. Jaden Rose
6. Kathryn W.
7. Sonja
8. David K.
9. Amanda C.
10. Denise C.

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I never received my gift card in my email.

Craig K.

08/02/2020 11:26PM in The WayBetter Kickstarter - $500 Pot Bonus
So I’m new to this.

I bet $35 like all others. What percentage succeed and what percentage fail? I just want to ensure I understand the math and incentive correctly.

Assume 10 people in the game—so $350 pot. Five people win so each of them get their $35 back. The five losers lose their $35 so there’s $175 remaining in the pot. apparently diet bet collects 20% of that (infrastructure development charge etc — which is fine) so less $35 (20% of $175 is $35). The $140 that remains is divided among the five players so they receive an additional $28 each for a total of $63 at the end of the game. Am I getting that right?

Now, if there’s 1,000 players and only 0.1% succeed and 99.9% fail — the math is different. Basically the pot contains $35000-$35 for $34,365. Diet bet collects 20% of it $6,873. The line victor in this scenario collects $27,492.

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Wendy S.

Sara L’s information is accurate in my experience as well— have won $7-$13 per bet on top of initial bet in my previous 4 week Diet bets.

Craig K.

So the missing piece is how to the host/sponsor get paid. I’d also like to figure out where the $500 bonus comes from....

David G.

07/26/2020 2:38PM in The WayBetter Transformer - Win A Grill!
  • Let the work travel begin! 2 weeks. 2 flights. 1300 miles driving (alone). No booze, meal prepping, and crushing goals

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Sarah L.

Good luck!


You planned for this!

Catherine L.

07/26/2020 12:49PM in The WayBetter Transformer - Win A Grill!
Is anyone weighing themselves just once per month? I have anxiety and i get obsessed really easily about my weight. After doing 2 kickstarters in the last 2 months and weighing myself every other day I decided to stop and just weigh every 2 weeks instead but keep up my activity and my healthy eating. The weight off of my shoulders since my last weigh in feels amazing.

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Katharina K.

I decided to give kickstarters a little brake and to out my scale away after weighing in for transformers. I will do meal prep so I know what I am eating is good. Also its kind of exiting, even after a week or two to step on the scale and see the difference instead of doing it every day and being disappointment because there is no change ...

Jodi G.

I like to weigh myself every day. I don’t get too excited if I see a jump or a drop, but it helps me think about my day to day choices a little better.

Stacey Y.

07/26/2020 4:06AM in Health Stretch Transformer - Win An Elliptical!
Working through a weight loss stall right now... the scale finally moved after two weeks!

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Persistence pays!

Sarah L.

I think I'm starting a weight loss stall, this gives me some hope lol
Sarah L. accepted the challenge.
The pot is now $280

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Sarah L. accepted the challenge.
07/25/2020 3:13PM in The WayBetter Kickstarter - $500 Pot Bonus!
The pot is now $570

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Jose B

07/24/2020 6:43AM in The WayBetter Transformer - Win A Grill!
TIP OF THE DAY: Acknowledge the people you truly love- My mom passed exactly 1 year today. Going over to my dad's and celebrating her life with my brothers and sister and close family. We sometimes get caught up in the battle of the moment and forget some of the most important things in life and that's forgetting to tell your loved ones that you really love them or truly care. Take the time today to just call your mom or dad, or sibling or even tell your significant other how much they mean in your life. I miss my mom and wished I could have done more than I did with her. We'll always have those feelings, but WHEN you have the opportunity to do something.......do it.

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Sarah L.

That's such a good, important reminder. Glad that your family gets together to celebrate her life and the love that came from it... God bless! :sparkling_heart:
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