UK DietBetters - confused by Airport Attire, PST, recipe cups? I can help!

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Toni L.

05/29/2018 3:07PM
Hi is there anybody out there???????

Joanne E.

Hi Toni I have just joined , doesn't seem to be a lot of activity on this page

Kelly T.

01/13/2018 3:48PM
Hello! Anyone out there still in this group? I see it's been a while since any posts.


09/22/2017 6:38AM
Hey guys, although I currently live in The Netherlands, I used to live in London! I have started a new DietBet and would love for some support from this side of the Atlantic! Cheers!!

Abi A.

09/16/2017 9:02AM
Hi just joined my first dietbet and I'm from near Oxford. Good luck :)

Toni L.

07/13/2017 1:07AM
Hi I've just joined my first game. I live in Devon and I'm following a Very low calorie diet mixed with fasting. Are there any rules about what sort of diets you can follow?
Thanks in advance


05/17/2017 4:30PM
This group could do with a new picture and more updates to get more people on here

Jen M.

07/22/2016 6:34AM
Would anyone like to join me in ? Might be nice to get a UK collection of folk .:D

Jen M.

07/22/2016 6:30AM
Hey there all you other UK betters! :D

Marie W.

11/04/2015 2:51AM
Hi there fellow Uk Dietbetters,

I'm from Derbyshire and am struggling to keep my weight down as the year pass. Thought this would be a great way to start. I have a fitbit if anyone needs extra motivation we can compete daily or weekly. Friend me

Good Luck Marie x

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I have a Fitbit arriving in the NY - used to use Polar Loop but not supported by my phone, so have changed. I'll find you once it comes. Since 40, I've found it hard to keep my weight down, so this all sounds like a great support system. Look forward to chatting more.

Shani H.

09/04/2015 8:36AM
Hello fellow DB'ers in the UK. I'm a solid Suffolk lass looking to become more sylph-like, but faced with having to lose half my current body weight to be a healthy weight its very daunting and going to take ages. I usually lose motivation after a couple of months and then put it all, plus some more, back on, so I'm hoping that my first 'transformer' will really help. Its good to hear from others who find this site helpful and motivating. Motivation is what I need to keep me in this for the long haul.

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