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Treva K.

03/16/2016 3:42PM
  • Be Healthy on St. Patrick's Day by staying authentic!

    If you want to stay healthy this St. Patrick's Day, steer towards the more traditional Irish food rather than the Americanized version. Did you know that corned beef isn't generally served in Ireland? When the Irish immigrated to the US, that's all they could afford so it became a staple for Irish-Americans. Skip the excess salt and nitrates and go for something truly Irish like fresh fish, mussels or oysters.

    We won't pretend that Guinness is really good for you, but we all like a sip of the black stuff. When you go into a pub in Ireland, you can order a "pint," but it's not uncommon for people to order a "glass" (aka a half pint). Order a half pint tomorrow so you can toast to your Irishness without derailing your diet.

    Load your plate with GREEN (It's St. Patrick's Day, after all) while limiting your portions of the starchier veggies like potatoes and carrots to 1/2 cup.

    Want to celebrate your Irishness Dietbet style? If you haven't already, join me in my kickstarter, "Irish Hillwalkers"