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When I'm Skinny: A List
by - 04/27/2015 10:59AM

Ok, this isn't a list.   HAHAHAHA, I got you! You got got!   In the past when I've taken on a commit... Read More ›

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I'm tellin' y'all it's SABOTAGE!
by - 04/16/2015 12:54PM

Do you have Beastie Boys in your head now? GOOD.   Today I'm full of thoughts about sabotage. Self-s... Read More ›

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LYLAWLA (Love You Like A Weight Loss App)
by - 05/07/2015 11:45AM

  Dear DietBet, Apon this, my weigh-out for my first ever DietBet, I want to say thank you. I’ve bee... Read More ›

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Calorie is a calorie. Is a calorie.
by - 08/14/2015 7:03AM

Calorie. I hate diet articles. I hate diet books. I hate Dr. Oz. So I read everything. (An aside: Dr... Read More ›

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Red-lipped rewards.
by - 06/24/2015 11:14AM

  For a 40 pound weight-loss reward, I purchased a $22 lipstick. I don’t buy ridiculous things for m... Read More ›

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I hate long walks on the beach.
by - 04/14/2015 10:25AM

But I don't hate you. Probably.   I'm new to Diet Bet and I want to take full advantage of this site... Read More ›

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DAY 302: A shot in the arm
by - 01/19/2016 4:09PM

I had my follow-up appointment with my doctor today for a progress check on my weight loss.  Again, ... Read More ›

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Yoga: A Lesson in CTFD
by - 09/14/2015 7:04PM

Last month, despite the fact that I was working out consistently and eating well, I wasn’t losing we... Read More ›

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Good enough!
by - 06/03/2015 11:50AM

  Y’ALL. I found my mojo! It was here, on DietBet all along. After my hiatus of motivation and good-... Read More ›

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by - 01/28/2016 9:42AM

Hi. I'm not dead. I'm also not actually off-wagon, though I've had some moments.   Suffice it to say... Read More ›

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DAY 168: Forget me not
by - 09/06/2015 10:05PM

It can be really easy to lose sight of who you were once you've lost so much of yourself physically.... Read More ›

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DAY 122: Hello, me!
by - 07/23/2015 5:16AM

Sometimes, I just feel like the universe has my back. Things have been really tough at work again th... Read More ›

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Humble Brag! (Edit: Not Humble)
by - 04/15/2015 9:41AM

The really blurry awful picture you see before you is a pretty major victory for me. Please excuse t... Read More ›

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DietBet stats
by - 07/24/2015 6:46AM

Hi! First of all, I am alive. I have a lot of life stuff happening, which I'll address in a blog whe... Read More ›

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DAY 271: Before pants
by - 12/19/2015 1:51PM

This post contains pictures, so it's best viewed on my real blog.   ==   I pulled these out today.  ... Read More ›

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