Florida Dietbetters!

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Vee K.

07/29/2020 2:54PM
Hi from Orlando!


06/05/2018 4:37PM
Hello from Orlando. :)

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03/19/2018 4:22PM
  • Hello from Ruskin! Just started my very first dietbet today! I'm so excited. I used to weigh 300#. I hover between 205 and 210#. My goal is 145#.


03/14/2018 10:33AM
Hello from St. Petersburg!! Good luck everyone :)


10/17/2016 7:30PM
Hi All! North West Florida here!


09/22/2016 7:30AM
Anyone in the Fort Myers area? I could use some local support and an exercise buddy. Lanna

Mary L.

07/09/2016 8:00AM
Hello from Broward County! I joined my first DietBet game back in January, but this is the first group I'm joining. --- Mary


09/08/2015 11:04AM
Hi, from Central Florida.

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09/01/2015 4:18PM
Hi from Anna Maria!

Christy B.

08/03/2015 6:10PM
I'm in the middle of my first diet bet (10 days to go) and just started my 2nd - I want them to overlap because that way, if I hit my goal, I won't slack off but will always have another "bet" to win.

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