Moms with Kids with Special Needs Getting Fit

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07/22/2016 11:21AM
Hey all I just joined a couple of days ago! I have three high needs kids. Twin almost 18 year old boys who are autistic and epileptic. I also have a daughter who is a type one diabetic. I really do not make time for myself often enough. We also homeschool them so I get 0 free time. I have found breaking my workouts into 1-3 times a day works better for me. Any special needs parents have any tips or tricks for working out when you cant leave the house?


do they like to dance or spin around in circles to music? My ASD son likes to blare the Wii U to Just Dance. Honestly i'm usually too tired but it is hard to resist joining in, the music is FUN. i'm actually in bed on a required medical rest - but he's dancing/spinning to "California Girls" right now.