my AIC is 6.0. I Have to turn this around, I’m my son's only parent.

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Favorite Health Food: cobb salad

Favorite Sinful Food: Bacon

My Approach to Weight Loss: I don't eat crap.

My Weight Loss Program: I don't follow a program

My Diet Plan: I don't follow a plan

Fitness/Exercise Apps: MyFitnessPal

Fitness Devices: FitBit

DietBet Winnings: $2,310.92

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Coach Jen CPT-WMS

06/13/2022 8:22AM in Summer Melt Down + WEEKLY PRIZES
  • PRIZE DRAWING WINNER! Congratulations to our third weekly winner, Glenna! You have won a $10 Amazon gift card! Please email your contact information to Stay tuned for our final drawing on Sunday, July 3!

    WEEK 1 WINNER: Amy R.
     Goal Getter

    PRIZE SCHEDULE! At the end of each week, we will draw a random winner from those who have posted in the feed. Posts must be made between 6 a.m. CT Monday to 6 p.m. CT on Sunday to be included in the week's drawing. We will then post the name of the winner each the following day, Monday by 9 p.m. CT (unless otherwise posted). The winner will receive a $10 gift card! A person may win only once during the duration of this game. Prizes must be redeemed within 48 hours of the game ending.

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Goal Getter

Yay! Thank you!!!


Thank you, Coach Jen!

Allison C.

06/01/2022 8:34AM in _FinallyLosingWeight June! AS SEEN ON TIKTOK
Use this comment thread to post your apple watch and fitbit user details to start individual competitions with players!
Any post that you are ok being shared on my social media at any given point this month please add “PTP” to your caption (permission to post)

PERKS-Group Smart Watch Competition – Fitbit and Apple watch friendly - Download "Challenge" App join our group competition! personal trainer @hiivicc program discounts!“DBZOOM” $5 off Zoom Workouts - 4pack“DBWORKOUTGUIDE” 50% off home guided workout programs Code "DIETBET" 15% off shirts in my shop! Clothing exchange! - Member Access password is "Allison's DietBet" IN GAME PRIZES - details announced at start of each weekWeek 1 – Food & Water Tracking - $15 Gift CardWeek 2 – Step Challenge - $25 Gift CardWeek 3 – Self Love - $35 Gift CardWeek 4 – MYSTERY - $50 Gift CardMultiple DietBet Credits to be awarded throughout the game!

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  • What happens if I have a question about my points on the challenge? I did all the things yesterday and it didn’t count all my points

Jessica P.

My self love was getting new nail polish and doing my nails to a level of professional today. :wink:


06/25/2022 9:48AM in Summer Melt Down + WEEKLY PRIZES
It is as hard to stick to my nutrition plan this week, but I made it since I knew weigh in was coming up. Good luck in the final stretch, everyone!!

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06/25/2022 9:40AM in _FinallyLosingWeight June! AS SEEN ON TIKTOK
One self-love practice I did yesterday was: I took a much needed nap, and I did not take a photo because I was sleeping 😂

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Jenn and Kandice

06/23/2022 11:27PM in $200+ IN BONUS PRIZES! JUNE KICKSTARTER!
  • If you complete the Final Challenge, please click on comment on this post and report in there.

    *Okay guys, Friday is the last day of our final challenge! Please click on the comment button below this post to report in. You have until Saturday at 12:00 PM PST to report. We will have our drawing shortly after that for the $40 Amazon gift card!

    Challenge reminder:
    1. Water- Drink at least 64 ounces of water a day 5 days this week.
    2. Nutrition- 5 servings a day from the fruit/vegetable group.
    3. Fitness- get at least 30 minutes of exercise 5 days this week.
    *And not mandatory but recommended, please post at least once this week to update us on your progress/struggles, or offer support to another player.

    *What a great week for so many of you! Amazing things are happening!!! Keep going after it! Recognize your progress and celebrate every win!

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Jenn and Kandice

You guys are amazing! Awesome job this week!


Reported in as done :)

Jenn and Kandice

06/21/2022 3:21AM in $200+ IN BONUS PRIZES! JUNE KICKSTARTER!
  • We are getting really close to the end of this game! You guys have been working so hard and so much progress has been made! Keep going after it everyone! Remember it's never too late or too early to start. Just don't give up on yourself, you can do this!

    A question for everyone:
    What has worked for you over the last few weeks? Is there anything you still need to change to reach your long term goals?

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Monika H.

Low carb. 2 servings vegetables per 1 serving protein.

Jenn and Kandice

You all are doing amazing! Thank you so much for sharing!

Goal Getter

06/18/2022 2:46PM in Summer Melt Down + WEEKLY PRIZES
  • Sometimes a simple Caesar Salad with chopped egg and avocado can be just right!

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Great idea!

ariell c.

06/14/2022 6:26PM in _FinallyLosingWeight June! AS SEEN ON TIKTOK
  • I might not hit my step goal today (I’m at 8k for today) but I am EXHAUSTED from HIIT class tonight 😅

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Wow, great non scale victory!

Chelsea W.

06/14/2022 6:26PM in _FinallyLosingWeight June! AS SEEN ON TIKTOK
Day 8: I didn’t stay in my calorie deficit but it wasn’t the end of the world. I’m not feeling the greatest today so I’m calling it an early night and getting some rest

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I hope you wake up feeling better, Chelsea.


Rest is so important!

Allison C.

06/14/2022 6:08PM in _FinallyLosingWeight June! AS SEEN ON TIKTOK
Was able to fit Jersey Mike’s in my macros for dinner. I am one happy camper

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Oh wow great!!

Rachel W.

My faveeee. What sandwich did you get?
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