my AIC is 6.0. I Have to turn this around, I’m my son's only parent.

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Favorite Health Food: cobb salad

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Kerri S.

09/14/2021 12:26PM in Pound Punisher!
  • Seeing progress! Enjoyed this DietBet with y’all! Hopefully the next one I won’t be sick!! Good luck to everyone in their journey!!

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I’m so glad you were able to recover and make so much progress! I was sick also and just stayed in bed, ate a little too much comfort food. So congratulations!

Kerri S.

09/01/2021 6:39PM in Pound Punisher!
Well got in 3 little mini walks today. Doctor recommended walking outside to help combat Covid so I’m still getting in some activity. Staying hydrated and making myself eat even though I can’t really taste anything. Hope you are all staying well!!

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Hi Keri, I just read this, I’m sorry you were sick!


08/21/2021 2:11PM in Pound Punisher!
What’s everyone’s game plan? Keto? Calorie counting? Weight training? Cardio?

I personally count calories, do about 45 min of weight training and then 20-30 min of fairly intense cardio 4x a week

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Irina V.

Counting calories, walking. I try to eat less sugar.


Keto. Up until a few years ago I tried the low fat diet. I did well up to a point but the sugar cravings were ridiculous and I always felt deprived but bloated. I would get drops in my blood sugar and was constantly hungry. Chances are I was pre-diabetic but my glucose tests were always so good that they wouldn't run an A1C test for me to find out.

Then I learned about Keto. I don't miss pasta AT ALL and the keto desserts are delicious. The only carb stuff I miss sometimes is the breads and cakes. There are keto versions of these that taste great, but I love the texture of the regular ones. I enjoy baking and made homemade bread for several years. Keto cakes are yummy but a bit dry. In our house the fat bombs are the favorite dessert. It helps my diabetic husband too.

I need to get back to working out.

Olga D.

08/18/2021 8:16PM in August Accountability with TakingBackJamie
Hi, does anyone use MyFitnessPal in here? Mine is OlguitaD 😁

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I have before and need to start using it again. I fell off the wagon

Denton TX Jack

08/17/2021 8:15AM in Block Party Transformer - Win a Backyard Party Package!
Just returned from our first Celebrity cruise in two years. Just fantastic!!
Worked out, but relaxed and indulged. And now I am ready to lose the extra weight I gained over the past months. Among our most important memories of our cruise is the gratitude shown by the Celebrity Equinox crew and Caribbean Islanders we met The people who enabled us to have such a great time are incredibly hard working and dedicated. In most cases they are the primary bread winner of their family. The effects of the pandemic on them, their families, and their countries have been extremely harsh. We pray that the Covid variant(s) will not force them to shut down again.

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Same here, just back from RC’s adventure out of Nassau. I noticed the same thing, i talked to quite a few and they work 12 hours every single day for 8 months or so (longer spending on their contract. They get 1 hour lunch at which time they are given free wifi to talk to their families. No one would complain but a few confessed to me how they were worried about their families. I was so glad I took lots of cash tips. I realized that my hard time here in the US is not in the same league as the hard times those from other counties have had. It was certainly overwhelming to see how grateful they were to have business again finally.

Cari R.

08/16/2021 7:19AM in Block Party Transformer - Win a Backyard Party Package!
So happy to be here. I was not able to lose enough in a previous game to stay in the game so I am hoping this time I can.

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Christine L.

I have faith in ya!!!


I hope you can too. Stay positive :)