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Natalia B.

09/14/2017 3:57PM
Hello Everyone!! Has anyone been actively writing and/or publishing? I'm working on a couple of books and hope to be ready to publish soon. I just heard about DB a couple of days ago and liked the idea so much that I started my own Shake It Till You Make It challenge because I'm an organizer at heart. :) Sending everyone positive vibes that we'll all meet our health goals in all of the challenges we take!

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08/20/2015 5:15PM
Hi to you other writers! I am brand new to DietBet, just found it today. Coincidentally I had just renewed my commitment to losing weight AGAIN this morning. Had a good first day, stayed on my plan. I'm determined, I know what I need to do, I know I will feel better with every few pounds I lose. I have set my first long-term goal at 70 pounds. That will put me down to about 200 pounds, in a size 14 dress. For me, that would be amazing. In 2010 I lost 120 pounds, going from 300 to 180. Then a series of life happenings hit, father died, spouse lost job, daughter and family moved to the other side of the world, we moved to a new state for a new job - and I ate my way back up. Now I am mentally ready to get back to where I am happy with myself again. I'm a passionate follower of Christ, a swimming instructor (so yes, I live in bathing suits), a writer/poet and painter. I'm 58 years old and want to live this next season of my life in better overall health. Other than swimming or walking, I really don't like to exercise at all. I used to like bicycling, but where I live now has too many hills for me. Right now, I am fairly isolated and sedentary. I am on my own to lose this weight, and am praying that this community will help keep me on track. How are you all doing?

Natalia B.

Carol - I hope that things have gone better for you lately. Wishing you well

Nutmeg N.

08/06/2015 11:23PM
Thanks for organizing this! What a coincidence that I just joined the same game and saw that you created this group...