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03/31/2018 10:47AM
I started a "Busy Moms" Dietbet and bid is only $15. Starts 4/4. If you are interested sign up today or they may cancel it. :p


01/08/2018 1:56PM
i'm a stay at home mom and i find the trouble with that is sometimes we dont eat the same meals and then if i am starving i just eat their left overs or their snacks... any suggestions? the gym isn't a problem. we live somewhere cold, so getting them out right now isn't the easiest but we do on nice days.

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I thought the same thing last night, as I cleared away excess rainbow mac&cheese! I know this will be a challenge for me. So I'm going to try giving them smaller portions. If they want more, they'll ask. My girls are 1 1/2 and 3, so it's hit & miss most days anyway. Maybe we'll save money too. :) Good luck! Let me know if you find something that works for you!


12/29/2017 6:38PM
Happy (almost) 2018 y'all! Looking forward to a journey to a healthier lifestyle with all you mamas out there. Cheers!


11/30/2017 9:42AM
Hello everyone!
I am new to the group. I have a 7 year old daughter who is extremely active in dance and I feel it is time for me to practice what I preach to her. I ensure she has wellbalance nutritional meals, yet I eat what I want it's time to play fair and become more healthy!

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11/27/2017 6:04PM
Anyone else doing the Shaun T Diet Bet that starts tomorrow? :)


11/11/2017 4:21AM
We can do it! Having said that, can you share with me your strategies for dealing with stress at work. Mine this week was to overeat for 3 days in a row. If you wish to read further, I shared some details below. When I started a week ago I was really moving! 12,000 steps each day except for one. I thought, "Ok! This is not hard. I really eat pretty well, all I have to do is move more everyday." I was inspired by my sister Sara's idea about doing it for the love of moving and "treating" myself well with extra movement! Then, a few days ago I was given a new assignment at a more distant location. I felt overwhelmed by the new workload I'm now facing. I notice that I used food to soothe myself. The last three days I didn't eat well. For two of those days I let the walking go down to about 5,000 steps instead of my goal of 12,000. The good news is that I weighed myself last night and I'm still down 1.4 pounds. I'm also more accountable for my actions because I'm taking time to notice them and to share them here. It is Saturday, I'm resetting my intention to meet my movement and eating-well goal again this weekend and through next week. I'll check in here at least 2-3 times next week to stay accountable for how I'm handling the stress. Hooray for us!

Amanda G.

07/22/2016 11:19AM
Hello Everyone, I just joined the end of summer slim down to start my fitness journey off with a challenge. I was just released to workout from my c-section and I'm supper excited to include my little rugrat in my workout.

Tracy C.

02/04/2016 9:31AM

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01/04/2016 8:03PM
3 sick kids and fighting a cold myself, but I still managed a 35min butt and thigh workout!

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01/03/2016 9:53PM
Hi there! New to dietbet and a bit worried I won't reach my goal, but its great motivation! I'm a mommy of 3; 2 girls (6 and 4 1/2) and 1 boy (16mths). I gained an extra 25lbs after the first two and then another 20lbs after the last. I've already gotten 20lbs down and hoping dietbet can help me get the rest off.

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Thanks Angela! I was starting to wonder if there was anyone on these boards since no one had posted since my last one!

Angela Power

They are definitely not as active as other places for sure - feel free to join me on FB and I can get you involved in my private FB group as well (very active for support) - it a free group all just for women that I coach working on their health & fitness journey :)

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