Diabetics trying to drop weight and A1C levels

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Ada G.

01/19/2018 12:02PM
Can I say that I am glad to be diabetic? At least one number is going down! My fasting blood sugars have gone from the 170's to the 90's since on my kickstarter began. No weight lost though. Bummer...

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Ada G.

01/07/2018 12:48PM
What is your A1C or fasting blood sugar goal?

I don't really have an end weight goal. However I do have an A1C goal of below 6, preferably closer to 5. This week my FBS went from 166 to 141, today being my lowest. Going the right direction!

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Dianne Lea

01/03/2018 5:39PM
Just joined, is this still an active group?

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Dianne Lea

Hi Yvette, added you as a friend, glad to see another fatgirlfedup player!

Ada G.

Hey y'all! I had dropped off the scene for about a year. So glad to be back and see some activity here, this group in particular. As we all know, we face different challenges when it comes to losing weight.

My husband decided in October to fast every other day, and as of today, has lost 50 pounds. And while I am thrilled for him, I am so depressed about my own situation.

It took me a YEAR to lose less than 40 pounds, eating right, taking my meds, and walking at least an hour EVERY day. This go-round, I have less free time in the day so less time to walk. This time I am going to have to be even more militant with my food, which I thought I had been back then. *sigh* Thanks for letting me vent...


05/29/2017 2:09PM
Wow I am so inspired by some of the comments I have read here. I was diagnosed in 2012 with type 2. I am changing doctors very soon. My doc seems really lax...my A1C is 6.5 and it is like she says that is "borderline" She is completely unconcerned. I know it isn't that bad...but I still want to achieve better health! Metformin gives me diarrhea (sorry if that is tmi) I just hate it and want to get off of it and get to a healthy weight so I can live a long life.


07/02/2016 4:45PM
Hi I just joined. I am starting my 3rd DietBet. I need help with my numbers I keep getting lows now that I've started exercising.


06/30/2016 7:51AM
Is this still an active group? New here and starting a game (challenge) just for us diabetics. Please join.
Diabetics Lowering Numbers

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I just joined too. This is my first bet. I will join your challenge.


Hi TK i just started FitBit Fanatics with Jen. Sounds like it will be a good one Join me if you want it's $25 and you have a chance to win a FitBit to count your steps. http://dbet.me/TsQT4h

Ada G.

02/29/2016 2:20PM
Greetings lauraellen! Welcome to the group.

Ada G.

02/29/2016 1:36PM
Hi Tea! Welcome to the group. Where are you in this journey?

Janis V.

02/18/2016 7:04PM
Finding My Fitness Pal to be a great help!

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Janis V.

02/08/2016 8:02PM
Hello I am also new to dietbet and I just joined this group. My last A1C was 10.2 and I was started on insulin. I hadn't been doing them before that, just wasn't looking after myself. If they hadn't checked my sugar before I had surgery I never would have known they were so high (my sugar was 21 mmol/l). I hoping dietbet will help motivate me to lose the weight. Maybe then my insulin needs will decrease and perhaps in the future disappear altogether.

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Ada G.

Keep working at it! My A1C was 9.8 back in August, 6.7 in Nov, and just this past Friday, a 5.4! No magic. Just following what the doctor prescribed: meds, portion control, exercise, and LOTS of water! Of course I want to lose pounds, which is 1 reason why I joined Dietbet, but lowering my A1C was my #1 goal.

What plan are you following to lose weight/lower A1C?