MN & ND ladies getting FIT!

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10/23/2017 11:01AM
Already in a DietBet? Did you know you could be in up to 3 kickstarters?? So join ours its SCRAMBLED LEGS & ACHIN'
Click below if you are already in a challenge, and it ends around the same time, join for more prizes and cash return!!! I HAVE PRIZES GALORE!!! JOIN US TODAY!!!


10/07/2017 11:20AM
Our game "Weapons of A$$ Reduction" is about to end so that means we are ready for the next challenge!! Check out "Scrambled Legs and Achin" at this link-->
4% in 4 weeks to either kick start your weight loss journey or pick up where you left off and continue pushing to your next goal! $20 entry and lots of chances for participation prizes!!!!! All my participants are finishing a game so no one has signed up yet because they will be using their rewards to pay for the next one! My tribe is on a roll and losing an average 5lbs a game!!! COME JOIN US!!

Mandy J.

04/26/2017 11:12AM
Hi Everyone! Just finished a dietbet and am ready to start another....this time I'm going to HOST!!! I live in Minnesota and am motivated to get summer enjoy our amazing weather!!

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Tammy T.

01/24/2017 11:35AM
I just joined the group. I'm almost finished with my 1st DietBet, and I have reached my goal. I live in Minnesota. :)

Lori E

03/23/2016 6:12PM
Just this group still active? I just joined but I don't see any new postings other that the diet bet posts. Anyone out there? I'm a MN girl looking to receive and give back support to my fellow dieters. Let me know if anyone is reading this....

Tracy H.

Hi Lori - just re-engaged with another dietbet today. And moved from Fargo to Minnetonka in January '16. Let's get busy encouraging each other!

Allison O.

07/05/2015 11:12PM
Hi there! Just moved from St. Paul to Shakopee, MN. Very excited to start my first dietbet! Good luck to everyone!


05/06/2015 12:25PM
New here & Live in Bloomington, MN I have lost 55 lbs and kind of gotten lazy over the last couple of months putting back on 5 lbs. This is just what I need to get back on track. ;-)


05/02/2015 11:28AM
St. Paul here :) I'm brand new to dietbet and I think it's exactly what I need to get back to the grind. I've lost quite a bit but I still have about 45lbs to go and I've been sitting between 185 and 200 for the past year. I'm so excited to get back on the wagon and move forward again!

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Jennifer O.

03/10/2015 5:28PM
New here . . . live in the Twin Cities. Excited to begin my weight loss journey!


03/10/2015 10:59AM
What a beautiful day! Here in Minot, ND it's about 44 degrees. How's the weather where you are? What fitness activities are you looking forward to with the nice weather? I can't wait for it to dry up, so I can go running/walking outside. =)