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02/23/2017 5:46PM
just started my journey, and I want to make sure I get it right this time no excuses, so I have done all that I can to stay accountable. I am on MFP and have been logging for about a week now, but I was even doing that wrong. So any help, tips motivation would be greatly appreciated. Hope through this process I learn patience cause that is something I am lacking right now n I so do not want to give up cause I want to see the end result. #willpowerplshelpmethru #obsessedwithbeinghealty #IcandoanythingIsetmymindto #nevertolatetobeabetteryou


02/02/2016 6:48PM
Just created this game for those interested in joining:

danielle c.

01/18/2016 9:11AM
this group sounds great !!!!! :)


01/10/2016 2:21PM
How is everyone doing? My goal to eat healthy grains, lean proteins and veggies is getting easier. As long as I keep sweets out of the house I'm able to stay on track. I had a run in with a chocolate bar that wasn't pretty! Anyone else finding small successes?

Mary lynn

Very small! I seem to be able to only follow plan one day at a time. But today is day two and I feel extra motivated. Your post helps. So I'm gonna get me some water and see how far I can get on that today. Have a great day Lita!


01/04/2016 3:27AM
Hi Everyone. Hi Vanessa, thank you for starting an accountable group. I am really focusing on eating only healthy foods. Exercise will come, but I'm starting slow. One of the best ways for me to find success is to have a stocked fridge and cabinet of healthy foods. I'm making a grocery list for my husband right now. He sticks to the list and won't make any impulse purchases.

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01/03/2016 9:40PM
Hello :)
I'm new to DietBet and thought I should join this group to stay accountable and share progress with others :)

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01/03/2016 5:19PM
New to Diet Bet and would love help staying accountable :)

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01/02/2016 6:35PM
Check in time!!!! Please share with the others how you are doing towards achieving your goals.
I've managed to track my calories for 2 days straight using MyFitnessPal (yay!), but am struggling to find the motivation to exercise today.

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Mary lynn

I have been so bad for so long. I am starting slow. I did walk 20 min 3 times yesterday for a total of an hour and got over 10,000 steps in for the day. Also 50 kettle bell swings. I wrote down all I ate and drank 8 glasses of water. For me this is a great step! Now to just do it every day for the next few monthes.


Barbara - great attitude! CrossFit is a challenge, for sure! Hope your warm up goes/went well!

Mary lynn-I like how you broke up the exercise across the day. I'm trying to do HIIT workouts, but seem to max out around 15 minutes. I'll try breaking it up across the day.