4 Hour Body Dieters

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07/12/2017 2:41PM
Been doing the Slow Carb and following a lot of Tim's tips. Down 41lbs so far for the last 3 months. DietBet has been great since I'm a cheap bastard and will fight hard not to lose money.

Honey Ash

01/11/2017 3:55PM
Hello. . .is this group active? I am half way through my first ever transformer and have had some setbacks but I just started the slow carb diet Sunday and finished day 4 and I'm down 4 lbs already. I feel really good and enjoy Tim Ferriss' advice. I would love to connect with some other slow carbers. :)

The Original Geek

08/03/2016 11:49AM
Running a DietBet in two weeks time (approx) please join me if you want.. although I'm not doing it 4HB style but Whole30-style instead -- you are more than welcome anyway! http://dbet.me/VTEg9u

Phillip G.

06/02/2016 11:16AM
Hello Guys! I just joined DietBet today and I immediately searched for a Slow Carb Diet group! I lost a good 20 lbs on the SCD before and I'm ready to get at it again!