Together we will lose 50+ pounds

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02/10/2018 9:20AM
My goal is to lost the 50 pounds that still is clinging to this beautiful body God created for me. That reality can be overwhelming, but it really only has to be one pound at a time. Have a great weekend everyone, I'm in Calif where our weather is inviting to walk (I don't belong to a gym). Right after I logg out, I am putting my shoes on and walking.


02/10/2018 9:18AM
BIG CONFESSION.... it is all about honesty. I lost 11.2 pounds on my first DIETBET which ended 2/6. One cheat since has been one meal of KFC 3 chicken strips and cole slaw (which I log all my daily food using an app LOSEIT! where I can also log my water intake). I have not walked over 2,000 steps for a couple of days and low on water consumption.... so the scale was UP 2 pounds. I've not weighed in because I don't want to show a gain on my DIETBET history. Just wanted to share to show transparency.... will be waiting til last minute to weight in, as it's still up 1 pound as of this morning. See how we all need each other ----


01/27/2018 8:51AM
I started on my journey last 1/1/2017 weighing 308. By eating low carbs I lost 50 lbs but didn’t move much from Oct-Dec. Dietbet, saw Lexi of FatGirlFedUp story, so I joined 1/6/18. I need to lose over 50lbs, but my biggest goal is to get under 200. I’m only 1.8 pound from winning my first challenge that ends next week.


Did my final weigh and reached my 4% plus 1.2 pounds. My challenge is #fatgirlfedup


10/18/2017 10:28AM
Our game has just started Its called "Scrambled Legs & Achin'" Come join us bet $20 and get that 4% off in 4 weeks!! You still have plenty of time to join a supportive, motivational game with some amazing people! We are 4 months strong and not stopping there! 4% is enough to push yourself in the right direction and get that weightloss journey on a downward slope as in the weight going down!!!! We have prizes!!!!!!!! I love motivating and want to make the game more fun and personal and motivating...Invite your friends!!


08/21/2017 8:18AM
Hi. I saw this group to lose 50+ pounds and noticed it was still small. I am just starting my weight loss (AGAIN) and need accountability and motivation. I'm hoping this group helps me find it.


I’m joining too for added motivation. I’ve lost 50pounds last year and working on this last 50. I know on a Dietbet, we’re all on even playing ground with 4% but when you have a lot of weight to lose, it’s nice to be with like-minded people.

I checked your chart and you are walking good steps. I made it to 5,600 one day but yesterday was low only 2,500. We were going to walk again in the evening, but neighbors cited a coyote in the area. Disappointed in myself for not putting on a utube or something, will walk again today