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Tara S.

10/19/2017 6:23AM
Hey everyone! I'm new to Dietbet and in Michigan - just saying hello :D

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04/11/2017 8:39PM
Low of 37' tonight, high of 77' on Saturday...loving our Michigan weather. Kayaked a bit this past weekend and looking forward to starting the Couch to 5K training app with the snow & ice gone for now (hopefully)...

Kimberly S.

10/28/2016 8:21AM
Anyone still around?

Justin S.

03/23/2016 10:08AM
Hello Everyone,
My father and I just joined, this seems like a neat way to push ourselfs. My name is Justin , I live in the Downriver SE area of Michigan. Thanks for letting me join the group.

Adriane S.

04/17/2015 10:21AM
BEAUTIFUL weather in Southwest Michigan here today! Went on a lonnng bike ride to enjoy it. I love Spring! But next week it's supposed to cool down again...oh, Michigan!

Adriane S.

04/08/2015 9:52AM
Portage, MI checking in! How are your games going?

Yooper Girl

02/25/2015 5:11PM
I am looking for some advice, I want to buy a treadmill and wondering what kind to buy. Does anyone on here own a treadmill & how do you like it? What name brand, make & model is it? I really miss jogging and -30 is too cold for me, plus I am afraid of falling on the frozen tundra....... Thanks!!!

Yooper Girl

02/25/2015 3:55PM
Hi Everyone, I am looking for some motivation to get back to running and lose some weight in the process for a healthier me in this new year. I am from the upper peninsula, we are in a deep freeze & I cannot wait to thaw out!!!

Monica B.

02/23/2015 5:43AM
Cold enough for yous??? Boy, I'm feeling stiff. Let's hope we get an awesome spring and summer this year.
Good luck with your bets. I have one week left. Not sure if I will start another. Only if I win I guess. I would like to lose 10 more pounds. (Just so tired of this cold!)

Myriah M.

02/18/2015 7:14AM
Day 1 of my first DietBet, feeling great!