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Mallory f.

02/07/2018 8:10AM
Has anyone done a teatox? I keep seeing ads for different brands and want to know if it is worth the money or if I just buy tea from the grocery store will it have the same affect?
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Mallory f.

I don't necessarily want to do a teatox or a detox, I just like drinking tea and was wondering if it better to try these brands of tea that are suppose to help you lose weight, or just stick to the tea from the local grocery store. That's why I am asking, because all I see is what the ads provide but don't know what they really do. From my impression, you still eat and exercise the same but you drink the tea (specifically SkinnyMint is the brand I am seeing the most) once in the morning and once at night to help boost your metabolism and help cravings. I know Kylie Jenner is an endorser so I and was a little skeptical.


Super late on this - I've done Bootea 14 day Teatox. It felt like it came down to it being a diuretic and a laxative. This can be good sometimes if you tend to retain water and get backed up, but it should never be something you do everyday! So no, I wouldn't replace your regular tea habit with teatox tea ^_^