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Feeling Focused
by - 05/30/2018 2:01AM

Hi hi, I'm absolutely loving the focus that this dietbet is giving me. I keep increasing the amount... Read More ›

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"Turning fat into muscle" Myth
by - 01/03/2015 11:56AM

It's a common misconception that if you are gaining or maintaining at the beginning of a diet/exerci... Read More ›

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Day 1
by - 02/16/2015 5:31PM

This weather is rough! The cold stops me from getting up the way that I want to. I can't wait to run... Read More ›

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Limitations we set for ourselves
by - 02/02/2016 6:46AM

Last night I was watching the new episode of The Biggest Loser, and I don't normally connect with pe... Read More ›

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Revisiting day 1
by - 02/18/2016 1:20PM

I've had a bad week/month, i have not cared about meal prepping, what I put in my mouth, waking up e... Read More ›

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I got married!
by - 09/23/2015 6:30AM

Jason and I got married at the courthouse on Monday!    I've lost about 5 pounds since I started wat... Read More ›

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One Week Down! A Lifetime to Go!
by - 01/09/2015 7:41AM

Good morning peeps! Today is my long day- I've been up since before the sun came out of hiding. I di... Read More ›

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Transformation Pictures--- 20 weeks!
by - 11/01/2014 11:56AM

I decided to put myself out there and share what 20 weeks of dedication can do! I am about half way ... Read More ›

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by - 10/25/2014 3:41PM

It took me some time to realize that I need to walk the walk than talk the talk. I have never been s... Read More ›

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Winning Big!
by - 02/04/2016 7:55AM

My game "Get Lean in 2016 with Chris n Heidi Powell" just ended, and the message feed is FULL of com... Read More ›

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Kickstarter #1 - DOWN!
by - 04/25/2017 12:30PM

Well, I did it!   I accomplished my goal of finishing my very first Kickstarter, but not only did I ... Read More ›

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Cycling on the left side of the road… New experience.
by - 12/12/2014 12:45AM

First time ride on the bike in 'my new neighborhood' and I just realized I missed cycling a lot. Wee... Read More ›

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Day 3
by - 02/18/2015 5:17AM

Today was a good day!!! So I was reading through the activity and I noticed that a lot of people wer... Read More ›

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Day 88,89,90,91,92,93,94,95,96,97,98,99,100,101, and 102
by - 05/28/2015 5:11PM

Dear friends, It has been much, much too long. These past two weeks things have been changing both d... Read More ›

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Day 4 - feeling proud
by - 02/02/2016 3:23AM

Yesterday was my first proper urge to binge eat. Conditions were pretty much perfect - tired, what f... Read More ›

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