20something ladies.

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03/26/2020 8:35AM
Last year was successful, but was followed by a very unsuccessful winter. I'm back at it again trying to kick my ass into gear and this time joining a group to hopefully stay motivated. Anyone else on a weight loss roller coaster ride for the past 20+ years?

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Kristen L.

08/07/2019 7:41AM
I have less than 5 months left of being in my 20's. Trying to make it count, so I can kick off my 30's feeling great!

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Maria D.

01/09/2019 5:37PM
I just created my first DietBet! Come join, it starts on Monday 1/14. Let's get strong together!

Kaitlyn H.

03/26/2018 7:09PM
Hi everyone! Looking for a group of women to motivate me in my journey. I've struggled with my weight for at least the past 14 years and I want to start a new and healthier life.

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Queen of Consumption

03/25/2018 9:02PM
New to dietbet! This seems like a great way to reach my goals while getting to meet new people.

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02/26/2018 6:53AM
Hey ladies! I'm Dylan (most people call me Dee). And I'm ready to get my next challenge started (after an almost 4 year hiatus). Woo!

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Maire M.

02/25/2018 11:38AM
Hi, I am about one month new to diet bet, and just joined this group!

Coach J.

02/22/2018 2:21PM
Hello ladies! I'm a health coach specializing in helping nerds lose weight - whether you're a bookworm, Star Wars geek, Hunger Games fanatic, Xena warrior princess or just naturally introverted, I've created my first Kickstarter on DietBet for likeminded people that I'd love for you to join here: http://dbet.me/ZhLJSN :) ! Stay strong!!!

Mallory f.

02/07/2018 8:10AM
Has anyone done a teatox? I keep seeing ads for different brands and want to know if it is worth the money or if I just buy tea from the grocery store will it have the same affect?
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Mallory f.

I don't necessarily want to do a teatox or a detox, I just like drinking tea and was wondering if it better to try these brands of tea that are suppose to help you lose weight, or just stick to the tea from the local grocery store. That's why I am asking, because all I see is what the ads provide but don't know what they really do. From my impression, you still eat and exercise the same but you drink the tea (specifically SkinnyMint is the brand I am seeing the most) once in the morning and once at night to help boost your metabolism and help cravings. I know Kylie Jenner is an endorser so I and was a little skeptical.


Super late on this - I've done Bootea 14 day Teatox. It felt like it came down to it being a diuretic and a laxative. This can be good sometimes if you tend to retain water and get backed up, but it should never be something you do everyday! So no, I wouldn't replace your regular tea habit with teatox tea ^_^


11/06/2017 12:21PM
Thanksgiving is a time to let loose and enjoy those holiday sweets, the big dinners and of course LEFTOVERS!!! Then, more holiday sweets right up until the New Year comes and so do the weight loss resolutions! Why not kick start that food baby you gained and get rid of that 4% before Christmas Day! This challenge starts right after Thanksgiving and ends so that you can give yourself the gift of a healthier you, some extra cash and a chance at my holiday prizes!!!! Come join my game and my crew! A positive and supportive group with a smaller community of people that actively post and your comments don't get lost in the mix! Share with your friends and sign up today so you can enjoy Thanksgiving knowing you have a plan already set into motion!