Night Shifters can lose weight too!

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11/11/2017 11:00AM
I love all the positive support we give each other! Sometimes all of the groups and posts and facebooks can get too much! Come join me in our game "GET YOURSELF OFF THE SHELF" and join a group of friends that all have goals like yours! We love to chat, support, challenge and cheer each other daily! Small enough to feel much more personal but not to small that its quiet!! We would love to have you join our crew!! Starts the day AFTER Thanksgiving!


11/06/2017 12:59PM
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10/12/2017 8:34AM
Our game "Weapons of A$$ Reduction" ends today, so that means we are ready for the next challenge!! Check out "Scrambled Legs & Achin" at this link-->
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09/13/2017 3:28PM
Weapons of A$$ Reduction is another day closer to starting! We are up to 11! You have 7 days to get signed up! 1st prize goes to the Invite MVP!! Get your friends, husband's, wives, sister's, brothers, co workers anyone looking to kick start their weight loss! $20 that's all you have to pledge to YOURSELF! Lose your 4% of your body weight and win your $20 back! Plus opportunities for prizes and extra cash along with new friends and support system! The only thing you have to those stubborn pounds! Come join us!


09/11/2017 12:13PM
It's time to start our next DietBet Challenge and this one is called Weapons of A$$ Reduction!!! Great name right?!?! Who is joining in??? I need everyone!! Ok at least 44 more people! Help me achieve my goal of coaching while I help you achieve your goal of kickstarting your weight loss journey!
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08/03/2017 3:46AM
This DietBet challenge is a starting,  kick those stubborn pounds! Come join in Haste Grows Your Waist to lose 4% with positive support and prizes! You have a chance to not only win your entry fee back (guaranteed if you lose the 4%) plus extra prize money and prize possibilities! I am up to $70 in cash and starting the 3rd one!


07/06/2017 1:12AM

Hi All,
I'm Rayne. Currently I work the night shift and have the hardest time setting a schedule for getting my workout in. Some days I work out before work(6pm), others, I work out after work(8am). In the past when I was losing weight, working out before work(6pm) was successful for me, but when I did that, I wouldn't get anything else out of my day but working out and going to work. I would love to go for walks in the morning, but the minute I hit the sheets at home... it's lights out for me. Feel free to tell myself and others that struggle working nights and getting in a workout how you go about it. I would love to meet more of the people that work this awesome shift.

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Hi Rayne, I am starting a new job that will be night shift. How do you deal with some of the challenges of working nights and your weight loss journey?