Whole30 Day Three Thoughts

Biking Syl

08/04/2015 4:27PM
When I tried to quit candy, it helped me to find a temporary replacement. I was allowed to eat as many nuts and raisins as I wanted, but no sugary stuff. At least I switched to natural foods. In conjunction with fruit/veggie/spinach smoothies this really helped to cut the cravings. The extra leafy greens seemed to make a big difference.
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I'll have to try those things out after my Whole30 (not really allowed to drink my calories right now, and the orange juice concoction sounds delicious but like a sugar bomb right now while I'm trying to not have much sugar)

Biking Syl

You could go with only berries and greens, or maybe just make your own veggie-only smoothies, maybe even with some chilies in there as a tabasco replacement... yum! Or try only cucumber and chilies, any kind of zero calorie food. If you blend the whole fruits/veggies, it actually feels like a meal. It's not like juicing where you throw the fiber and half of the nutrients out. Especially with a few nuts in there for extra protein. But obviously it is not like eating solid food, so you have to figure out what keeps you full the longest.

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