Anna Jo Ricky

10/20/2016 6:47AM
that does sound fun, do you put in that you want to eat LOW CARB or anything? if you do that on my fitness pal it will say after you put in a food "this food has 15 carbs ...... your goal was 25" type thing... and if you turn MFP sideways on your phone it gives full nutrition on all your foods...

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Nichole L.

Omg! Really? It's that a "premium" feature. I would love to try MFP out if it does that! Unfortunately, I can't adjust my carb, protein, or fat numbers with LifeSum. I actually think the carb count is to high for the way my body reacts to carbs. So, I just eat to what grams I want. Thanks for the comment!! I will download MFP and try them both.

Anna Jo Ricky

MFP is free.... too...

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