Besides Michelle Berger, does anyone have favorite YouTube fitness gurus (not that that is how I would describe Michelle, but she is on YouTube, also!)?  I have a few and this is a video from Lean Secrets.

Here's why I like her: She gives great advice!  If you have been fortunate enough to read what Michelle says about dieting in her books from, it pretty much matches up with this girl's advice.

The reason I like this video is because it's exactly what I did three years ago when I was super-motivated, and I lost about 20 pounds, so I know it works!

Here it is: (If the link fails, at YouTube search for Lean Secrets How to Lose Weight Fast)

I will probably watch this a few more times before and during the game just to help me focus, and I hope it helps you.

I love how she reminds us that there is no finish line.  Fitting into that dress at Christmas is a bonus, but it's not the end game.