Daily carrots: Haha. It's funny they use carrots when sometimes you hear carrots are a veggie not to have too much of because of their sugar content (along w/peas, white potatoes, and I think there's one or two more).

Anyhow, the DC from yesterday was to comment on fave diet programs. Well, Atkins in that there was something to the low-carb thing all along even though he was so criticized by it for years. Too bad he didn't live to see it's popularity.

Second, BuffMother's plan. I love knowing how many servings of each food to eat in the day and checking them off as I go. Although Atkins worked for me, it wasn't a lifestyle change as BuffMother's has been.

And today's DC? My exercise tip is that if you will exercise, you will automatically want to eat better. It may be that you need to exercise at a certain intensity to feel this way. But breathing hard, getting your heart rate up, taxing your muscles, wearing yourself out in a workout makes you naturally want to eat better.

Second piece of advice: If you're on a treadmill and you have it on an incline, DON'T hold onto the rails and lean back while you're walking or running! Would you do that outdoors? No! Lean into it and work hard! Can you tell that's my Pet Peeve at the Gym?! Haha, what's yours?

P.S. And sweating a lot is SUPER-GOOD for your skin!