Staci W.

I feel better when I'm lighter, Christmas party. Jeans.

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Favorite Health Food: Almonds, chocolate, broc, coffee, eggs

Favorite Sinful Food: Wine, cheese, chocolate, baked goods

My Preferred Method of Exercise: Weights, hiit

My Approach to Weight Loss: Clean, simple eating

My Weight Loss Program: I don't follow a program

My Diet Plan:

Fitness/Exercise Apps: Seconds

Fitness Devices: I don't use a device

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by - 11/24/2014 5:28AM

It started last Thursday.  We meet with a small group of young, newly married couples. We all decide... Read More ›

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You got this.. Staci, we knew the holidays were going to be hard... I see all these yummy looking recipes on my fb wall, and just try to skip looking at them. I know I have a contest to finish, AND I want to look great for Christmas! Plus have a jumpstart on the New Year! We HAVE to workout, so we feel stronger to resist!

Amber K.

Holidays are always hard for us all. I figure enjoy it while it's here and then get back to the program :) You are doing a good job!
Daily Carrots? How About "Daily Broccoli"?
by - 11/18/2014 8:05AM

Daily carrots: Haha. It's funny they use carrots when sometimes you hear carrots are a veggie not to... Read More ›

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Oh honey I sweat like you would not believe! I think my pet peeve at the gym, is people not wiping stuff off! I see men using great equipment, and sweating very heavy, and then just walk away!!! EWWWW It hacks me. I have to wipe it down myself, then I wipe it again after I am finished. Just a courtesy.


Couldn't agree more with your first exercise tip! For me, the best thing is always to focus on nearly-daily working out and the food part just falls right into line. It's so much easier this way!
Resistance Strong!
by - 11/12/2014 6:07PM

Let's see, I said "No" to macadamia nut and white chocolate chip cookies, chocolate chip cookie pie,... Read More ›

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Staci W.

Also, I exercised too, but it have no idea why it's cutting the post off. Oh, well!

Daisy M.

Good resistance. Congrats on your success! I had to do the same tonight. I made pasta and garlic toast! My hubby wanted me to buy him some OJ today I said no, it would be there in the fridge all day looking back at me. The one he likes is full of sugar!
Top Golf!
by - 11/11/2014 3:39PM

This morning after I dropped my son off to school I hiked Kennesaw Mountain (elev. 1,850 ft.). Up, d... Read More ›

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awesome day staci


Two workouts in a day - my kind of fun - way to go!
Tired in a Great Way, Day 1
by - 11/10/2014 7:35PM

Besides the fact that my brand new scale didn't work and I had to run over and borrow my neighbor's ... Read More ›

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Susie S.

Wow! That is awesome! I need to turn it up. Thanks for sharing.:-)
This Must Stop Now.
by - 11/07/2014 12:50PM

Have you ever done this?! Haha, no more, starting soon! Read More ›

How to Lose Weight Fast
by - 11/06/2014 9:19AM

Besides Michelle Berger, does anyone have favorite YouTube fitness gurus (not that that is how I wou... Read More ›

Thinking About Motivators
by - 11/05/2014 6:41AM

I'm pretty excited about this game and want to thank you, Michelle, for hosting it.  I love all the ... Read More ›

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Awesome post, I'm 39 and for years have been amazingly inspired by many of my clients that are well into their 50's who've completely transformed their bodies!
Thanks so much for sharing your love of and I'm very happy you joined this DietBET!! Bring on the HOT HOLIDAYS!!!