It started last Thursday.  We meet with a small group of young, newly married couples. We all decided to celebrate Thanksgiving together.  Being the oldest of the group and the "most experienced," I offered to make turkey and dressing for the dinner.  I was consumed with that all day. Excuse #1.

Friday, recovery? #2.  Saturday, all-day travel out of town to see a hospitalized family member. #3.  Sunday? It rained absolutely all day.  And was cold.  And then at 3:30 left for the second mock-Thanksgiving dinner with about 150 international graduate students from Georgia Tech.  Didn't get home til 8:30. That's excuse #4 and maybe #5.

So without having done anything for FOUR DAYS besides one three mile walk with my dog, plus the fact I ate two Thanksgiving dinners (I ate sparely on the first one, at least), I can't afford to falter again and make more excuses.  This is my pep talk to myself!

So my plan is to get a few things done around here that must be done, make out a meal plan for the next few days (eating actual Thanksgiving dinner out!), and workout about 11:00.  My plan is to stick to the plan. And to remember that the Christmas party is only 13 days away!