This morning after I dropped my son off to school I hiked Kennesaw Mountain (elev. 1,850 ft.). Up, down the back, up the back and down the front is right at 3 miles. It's basically an all-natural hiit workout. Loved it -- having great weather, about 45-50 degrees.

Then me and a friend went to #TopGolfAtlanta for her 50th birthday and hit golf balls for 1.5 hours (that's her in the photo).  We had a great day, and I had a wonderful salad while there.  Even skipped the Bloody Mary. ☺️ It was easy to do, though.

All my food was good except my salad probably had a little too much fat, which accounts for the extra fat today. 

Carbs: 3 (shooting for 4)

Fat: 4 (shooting for 3)

Protein: 5 (hit it)

Green vegs: 2 (shooting for 3)

Treat: 0 (Okay to have 1 right now -- guess one of my extra fats fulfills this!)

(I sent a lot of texts, but I always do, and tonight for dinner -- fish taco!