Chante here!


I have 19 days until this bet starts and I am ready! A little background about myself:

I've been overweight most of my life and have been obsessed with talking about weight loss for much of that time. Near the beginning of January of this year I finally decided to make a change. I increased my workouts as well as started eating healthier. By late April I had lost a little more than 35 pounds!

However, that's when the traveling started and I reintroduced some of the not-so-healthy eating habits back into my life. I pretty much kept working out just changed my eating. Here I am almost 8 months later, I've tweaked my food here and there and changed my workouts and still no weight loss.  I took a certification course in the fall and worked out alongside that but didn't really lose weight either. Thankfully I haven't really had weight gain either.

I've found it extremely difficult to lose weight in the summer time. With Fall and Winter come comfort food and not wanting to go out in the cold but there's no real excuse.

I honestly feel like the lack of weight loss is keeping me from being able to do what I want in life! I'm hoping I can grab hold of things and stay focused.