After starting back to work full-time in an office type job, I quickly gained 20+ pounds. My Christmas gift to myself this year was time to focus on self-care and weight loss. I had an appointment with my dr my first day of winter vacation... and spent the next 3.5 weeks losing 15# with exercise and a ketogenic diet. 

Then I started back to work, and my weight loss slowed... then stalled completely. I knew it was time to shake things up. I started adding in carbs last week, and then back on Chris & Heidi's carb cycling plan (using the Vemma shakes & products) this week. I've been successful with this plan twice losing around 15 pounds, so I'm hoping this is a good choice for my body right now. The carb cycling is also helpful because I can't do the sprint workouts I need for rowing on a low-carb diet and yet I know I lose fat best on a lower carb protocol.  


  1. I'm exhausted by the end of my 2nd low carb day while carb cycling... which is weird because I felt fine eating keto most of the time. Hoping this was a fluke- don't remember this from last summer!
  2. I'm starving on high carb days.... even though those are technically higher calorie days. So weird. 
  3. Cheat days are kind of a joke right now- I've been so food/calorie restricted for so long that my cheat day was a whopping 1600 calories! That needs to come up some so it actually functions as a reset of sorts, not just another day. 

Anyone else carb cycling a la Powell? What are you learning? 

Weighing in on Wednesdays and Saturdays... after my 2 low carb sequence days.