Carb Cycling Re-Entry

Diane F.

02/10/2015 11:04PM
1. I'm always hungrier on high carb days, especially in the evening.2. I stay in calorie range on low carb days and feel fine. I'm thinking of changing from classic to turbo to have more LC days.3. I love the flexibility of reward days for family events.4. I always do better with weight loss if I drink all the water. 1 GALLON, YIKES! That amount of water is a challenge for me and my bladder. I'm making it work because I'm between jobs but I feel bad for folks that have full time jobs and cant be in the bathroom every 30 mins.5. I bought the book and know there is room for improvement in how I'm scheduling my meals. Eating first thing in the morning is still a struggle. I have changed my habits from just coffee to a greek yogurt. I'm not even close to the well balanced 300 calorie meal I should be eating 30mins from wake-up. That is a mini goal for me.I was happy with last month's dietbet loss so I'm sticking with this plan.

Games played


Weight lost

-3.6 lbs



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